Church and Chapel

    A list of some 330 establishments in the Pendle and Burnley area, plus some adjacent parishes; each with a mini-biography, including map reference and the location and summary of any available records.  For a detailed map of the area see Ordnance Survey Landranger Series 103

- Researched, compiled and typed by Christine Haworth

Note : The data included here is a snapshot of the status of the Churches, Chapels and Burial Grounds around the year 2002 ..


Since the Millennium survey, there have been many changes.  There is a shortage of religious leaders and the congregations are reduced.  Many parishes have amalgamated to form new parishes and many Churches have closed.  If intending to write to a Church for information, please address your letters to the "Priest or Vicar in charge" otherwise your communication may be considered to be personal and returned or forwarded to a retired person.


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