1881 Census Errors

  - for Habergham Eaves and Great Marsden

Researched and Compiled by Christine Haworth

    In the 1881 census transcriptions, both on the CD-Rom and the Microfiche versions, for three areas of Habergham Eaves [Burnley] and one area of Great & Little Marsden [Brierfield], the "Census Place" is incorrectly shown as "Whalley".  This error concerns over 1000 Householders and Lodgers in Habergham Eaves and over 200 Householders and Lodgers in Marsden.

So when searching on the 1881 Census, if you cannot find your ancestors at a 'known' address in Habergham Eaves or Marsden .. Try looking in Whalley !

  List of Streets   Summary of the Areas concerned ..   List of Surnames  
 Habergham Eaves -
 RG11/ Piece 4150 - Finsley Gate area of Healey Ward
     Folio 20, page 33 to Folio 32, page 58
 RG11/ Piece 4150 - Finsley Gate area of Healey Ward & Burnley Wood area of Fullege Ward
     Folio 53, page 35 to Folio 90, page 34
 RG11/ Piece 4153 - Gannow Top area of Trinity Ward
    Folio 33, page 1 to Folio 51, page 38
 Great & Little Marsden -
 RG 11 Piece 4162 - Brierfield area of Little Marsden
      Folio 89, page 1 to Folio 109, page 41

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