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  Former Teachers and Pupils of Colne's George-street & Lord-street Schools

- Researched by Keith Baldwin

    During my research into my family history, I discovered that my father's uncle, Thomas Baldwin, had been headmaster at George-street and Lord-street junior schools.  When he retired in 1914, the Colne Times published an article celebrating his career and achievements.  The article itself is rather long-winded, but contains a reference to all the great and the good who were pupils of Thomas Baldwin.  Some of the names I recognized immediately to be of local importance, so I thought that a list of them all might be of interest to local family historians.  I have given details of the profession followed by these pupils when given - see the list below

Former assistant teachers under Mr Baldwin who became heads of schools: -

  Bentley, F H
Cass (Mr)
Folley, E W
Halstead, W A
Rothwell, W
Smart, J
Snowden, T
Colne National School, Exchange-street
West-street Council School
West-street Council School
Laneshawbridge Council School
Nelson Secondary School
Cheapside School, Burnley
Primet Council School

Some former George-street teachers who are now known under other names are as follows: -

 NameOther Name
  Blakey, A (Miss)
Deakin, S (Miss)
Green, Effie (Mrs)
Tetlow (Miss)
Wildman, J L (Mrs)
Sydenham, (Mrs) .. New Zealand
Crossley (Mrs)

Two former Lord-street teachers have gone abroad:-

  Miss Blackburn (now married)
Miss Brown
South Africa

    Miss Lomax, who has been associated with Mr Baldwin as scholar and student for 35 years, is still a member of the Lord-street staff, as has also, Miss Stansfield, for many years a teacher in the Art School at Colne; and Mrs Cass, who came as an assistant to George-street along with Mr Cass

Other George-street & Lord-street scholars, now (1914) serving as assistant teachers in the Borough:-

 NameCouncil School
  Ayre, Miss I
Busfield, Miss N G
Cass, Miss B
Chalmers, Miss M A
Croasdale, Miss M E
Dewhurst, Miss A
Duckworth, Miss
Edmondson, Miss
Greenwood, Mr L
Hey, Miss
Lomax, Miss
Mallinson, Miss
Metcalfe, Miss A
Mort, Miss E M
Newhouse, Mrs
Penwarden, Miss
Petty, Mr S
Pickles, Miss F
Rycroft, Miss O
Schneider, Miss L
Shaw, Miss
Shaw, Miss B M
Smith, Miss
Stephenson, Mr W W
Tillotson, Miss
Park Schools
Park Schools
Park Schools
Park Schools
West-street School
Park Schools
Christ Church
Lord-street School
Primet School
Colne Art School
Lord-street School
Colne C of Eng School
Park Schools
Lord-street School
Primet School
Christ Church
Primet School
Primet School
Primet School
West-street School
Christ Church
Park Schools
Christ Church
Colne C of Eng School

Several other teachers have left the profession .. of these the following may be mentioned: -

 NameNew Status
  Miss Mary Stansfield
Miss Emma Hyde
Miss Florrie Hyde
Miss Maggie Hyde
Miss Ethel Higson
Miss Maggie Sutcliffe
Mr J A Singleton
Mr Harold Boocock
Mr Harry Hartley
now Mrs Fred Greenwood, of Nelson
now Mrs Barth Hartley
now Mrs C Knight
now Mrs Walmsley Riddihough
now married
now married
entered the Civil Service
entered the Civil Service
now an oil merchant

Extracts referring to scholarships or exhibitions

    A feature of the history of George-street School was the long succession of scholarships won by the students, year after year.  From 1882 to 1900, only two exhibitions were available, and these were held at the Burnley Grammar School and were offered for competition in the area, within a radius of six miles from Burnley.

Twenty-two of these scholarships were awarded to George-street pupils, as follows:-

 Year and Scholar(s)
  1882, Joseph Petty
1883, John Smith
1884, Samuel Smith & Randolph S Pilling
1883, John R Sutcliffe
1886, Ben Green
1887, John W Cook & Henry Dodgson
1888, John Norton Hey
1889, George L Ayre
1890, Fred Capstick
1895, Wilson H Hey
1897, William A Rycroft & Rennie Cook
1898, Guy Halfhead & John R Fothergill
1899, George Shaw
1900, Thomas Foulds
1901, Melbourne Dewhurst, Willie Benson & Albert E Wilmore
1902, William Lund

    A few of these were special scholarships provided by Mr John Smith, as some recognition of his indebtedness to George-street School.  In 1900, the Lancashire County Council, for the first time, offered exhibitions to North-East Lancashire.

In 1900, five of the eight offered, were awarded to George-street scholars, namely:-

 Year and Scholar(s)
  1900, Alfred Hargreaves
1900, Ruth Greenwood
1900, Thomas Foulds
1900, Margaret Hyde
1900, Wesley Sutcliffe

In 1901, three of these came to George-street School, being awarded to:-

 Year and Scholar(s)
  1901, Amy Armistead
1901, Willie Benson
1901, Winifred Wiltshire

    During the twelve years at Lord-street School, 101 exhibitions have been awarded to pupils in the School by the Lancashire County Council, the Colne Corporation, the Colne Grammar School Foundation Trust and the Co-operative Society; a unique record, with an average of over eight scholarships per year.

    It was a fitting climax to the work of Mr Baldwin that in the closing year (1914) of his labours at Lord-street, all the six exhibitions offered by the Lancashire County Council should be won by scholars from his school.  The total value of the scholarships, won by scholars who have passed through Mr Baldwin's hands is not far short of 2,000, which does not include the successes won by these students after leaving the school.  Former students have won Lancashire County Council 60 Scholarships and 30 Scholarships for weaving.

Lancashire County Council Scholarships for Weaving:-

 60 weaving scholarships
  William A Rycroft
Harry Riddiough
John T Kirk
 30 weaving scholarships
  Neville Hacking
Tom Hartley

The full article was published in the Colne & Nelson Times on October 9th, 1914 
and can be found on microfilm at Colne Library.

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List of Former Pupils

Armistead, (Miss)Teacher
Ayre, G IBank of Liverpool
Bannister, Rennie - 
Barker, (Dr)entered the medical profession
Barker, JWorker, Dockray-street Congregational Church
Barritt, Alfredentered the ministry
Barritt, D HManufacturer
Barritt, H OAssistant borough accountant
Barritt, IHeadmaster
Bateman, NGrocer & provision dealer
Benson, W (BSc)with Mr J Stansfield, chartered accountant
Blakey, CharlesBank manager, Bradford
Boocock, Haroldjoined H M Forces
Boocock, W H - 
Brown, Fredentered the ministry
Bulcock, F B (Sergt)joined H M Forces (8th Hussars in India)
Bury, P WJournalist
Capstick, Ernestjoined H M Forces
Cass, Edwardjoined H M Forces
Cockcroft, (Dr)entered the medical profession
Cork, J WReed maker
Cox, (Bros)Glen Mills
Crabtree, A WManufacturer at Parrock Shed
Croasdale, Rennieof the firm W & A Pilling
Croasdale, H WDeputy town clerk of Colne
Cruess, SydneyHeadmaster
Dewhurst, Melbourne (BSc)Electrical engineer, Crompton's, Chelmsford
Dowson, L - 
Dowson, WBank of Liverpool
Duckworth, AChemist
Fothergill, John RalphBorough surveyor, Colne
Foulds, Percyof Messrs T Foulds & Sons, manufacturers
Foulds, Charlesof Messrs T Foulds & Sons, manufacturers
Foulds, Eof Messrs T Foulds & Sons, manufacturers
Foulds, Stanleyof Messrs T Foulds & Sons, manufacturers
Foulds, Sydneyof Messrs T Foulds & Sons, manufacturers
Foulds, Tomof Messrs T Foulds & Sons, manufacturers
Frankland RennieWalton-street Mill
Gibbon, AldermanHeadmaster
Gott, JethroHeadmaster
Gregson, E HRelieving officer
Green, Alfredjoined H M Forces
Green, Basilof Settle & Gargrave
Green, Benof Settle & Gargrave
Green, T EBank of Liverpool
Greenwood, Conrad VManaging Director Gum Tragasol Supply Co Ltd
Greenwood, FredHeadmaster
Greenwood, G Pof S Greenwood & Sons, tanners
Gregson, FrankCommission agent
Gregson, GordonCommission agent
Haighton, AtholWorker, Dockray-street Congregational Church
Halfhead, GuyManchester & County Bank
Hargreaves, Aof the firm Messrs T Hargreaves
Hargreaves, Alfredchartered accountant
Hargreaves, Hof the firm Messrs T Hargreaves
Harrison, JohnWorld famous vocalist
Harrison, Wm Hudson (MSc)Analyst & agricultural chemist, Madras
Hartley, AManufacturer, Barnoldswick
Hartley, J - 
Hartley, N (Miss)Headmistress, West-street Infant school
Hartley, T HBorough surveyor, Colne
Hartley, WallaceBand master of the Titanic
Hazelitt, WVocalist & music teacher
Hey, Wilson (Dr)entered the medical profession
Hey, Ernestof the firm Messrs J & J Hey
Hey, J NManchester & County bank
Hey, J POrganist & music dealer
Higson, Rennie (LLB)Solicitor
Hillary, Miss AgnesHeadmistress
Howarth, LeonardU S A
Howarth, PercyGoods manager
Hyde, H - 
Hyde, John - 
Ingham, MadameVocalist & music teacher
Knight, RMayor of Colne (1914)
Lancaster, SethCellist
Landless, MadameVocalist & music teacher
Lund, Wwith Mr J Stansfield, chartered accountant
Moore, ABank of Liverpool
Mort, J HaroldBank of Liverpool
Moser, MissTeacher
Moser, WAssistant surveyor, Halifax
Parker, J GPrinter
Parker, THartley College, Southampton
Pilling, AlbertManchester & County bank, Burnley
Pilling, R SArchitect
Pilling, R SArchitect
Renwick, Frank Gjoined H M Forces
Rushton, GeorgeHeadmaster
Rushworth, George Carrof the firm G Rushworth & Sons
Rutter, HarryDraughtsman
Rutter, RobertSanitary inspector
Rycroft, HarryElocutionist
Rycroft, JDepartment manager, Colne Co-op
Rycroft, SMill manager, Barnoldswick
Rycroft, J H Jwith Mr J Stansfield, chartered accountant
Rycroft, W ADesigner for weaving at Keighley
Shaw, Tomjoined H M Forces
Simpson, HenryWholesale confectioners, Liverpool
Simpson, RobertWholesale confectioners, Liverpool
Smith, AMP for Clitheroe
Smith, Haroldjoined H M Forces
Smith, Jex. Mayor of Colne
Smith, SamSkinner
Sowerbutts, RHeadmaster
Standing, (Messrs)Dry salters
Stansfield JohnChartered accountant
Stansfield, W -
Tatham, EdgarWalton-street mill
Titherington, JOrganist
Walker, I HCommission agent
Walker, SamCommission agent
Watson, AlanClerk, chief constable's office, Preston
Watson, R WWorker, Dockray-street Congregational Church
White, A Pof the firm W B White & Son
Whittaker, HarleyMinister, Colne Inghamite Church
Whittaker, JMinister, Colne Inghamite Church
Whittaker, Robinsonentered the ministry
Wildman, R (Mrs)Teacher
Wilkinson, (Dr)entered the medical profession
Wilson, AOrganist
Wilson, (Madame)Vocalist & music teacher

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