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Volume 10 - June 2003       PENDLE & BURNLEY BRANCH        Editor Derek Mills


BOB ABEL - For many years (over 20 years), the smooth running of the Branch has been maintained by Bob Abel's long service, but this year Bob decided not to seek re-election as Chairman or as Executive Liaison Officer.  We thank him for his help and guidance through the years and wish him well for the future.  At the AGM, on behalf of the Committee and the Branch, Bob was presented with wine and wine glasses as a token of our appreciation.

Your Branch needs YOU - Volunteers are needed for transcribing or checking work on Parish Registers.  No fiche reader?  Don't worry, we'll lend you one.  No computer?  Again, don't worry, transcriptions can be checked from printed copy.  This work is just as important as transcribing.  Contact Ken Lupton for further details

Our Newsletter is normally published quarterly, in February, May, August and November.  This edition has been delayed because of the indisposition of the Editor .. please accept our apologies.


 1   Projects  7   Transcribing Errors
 2   Certificates  8   Diary Dates
 3   Winewall Inghamites  9   Some Latin Expressions
 4   1881 Census Additional Items ..  
 5   Query Corner 10   AGM - Election of Officials
 6    Burnley St.John's Church (Gannow) 11   AGM - Chairman's Report

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    Transcriptions of the 1837-1900 burial records at Holy Trinity Church, Burnley, the 1876-1888 marriages at St Paul's Church, Burnley and the 1813-1838 baptismal records at St Bartholomew's Church, Colne are in progress.
    The All Saints Church, Habergham 1877-1900 marriages and the St.Paul's Church baptisms 1846-1880 have been completed.  Transcriptions of the burials at Winewall Inghamite Chapel have been completed and are about to be checked. 
    The bound copies of the Burnley St. John's, Gannow, marriages 1880-1900 and the Padiham Unitarian Chapel baptisms 1839-2000 are now on the Branch Library shelves and are available for research purposes.

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    Are you researching the names of FOULDS, HARTLEY or WALKER?  The branch has been given two birth certificates - James FOULDS born in Colne in 1837 and Hannah HARTLEY born in Colne in 1840.  There are also three certificated copies of an entry of birth for James FOULDS, born in Colne in 1875; James FOULDS born in Colne in 1902 and Ethel WALKER, registered in Chapeltown, Leeds, in 1879.
    There is also other information with these documents.  If anyone thinks that they may have a claim, please contact the Branch Librarian, Margaret Heap at any meeting.  Please note, two of the certified copies are in a very fragile condition.

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    The Society Book of Winewall Inghamite Church contains lists of members over several years.  Against a few of the names notes have been added in a different hand, possibly at a later date, that may be of help to anyone researching these families .. ..

1825 Henery LEE - Gone to Wibsy 1837 Esebella LEEMING - Removed to Brandford
1825 James COCKSHUTT - gone to America 1850 John SPENCER - Left for Canada 26.Apr.1854
1825 Mary COCKSHUTT - gone to America  1850 Hambrose HARGREAVES of Waterside left for Canada 26.Apr.1854
1831 Agnis TODD - Removed (to) Church at Kendal, Novr 1835 1850 Jennet PICKLES - left for Canada 29.May.1854
1837 Ellen COCKSHUTT - gone to reside at Kendal 1852 Margaret PICKLES - Gone to Canada 26.Apr.1854
1837 Archebeld WATT - Removed to Kendal 2.May.1837 1871 James PICKLES - Retuned to Canada 
1837 Betty HARLE - Gone to Todmorden  1874 James PICKLES of Cotton Tree - gone back to Canada
1837 Richard FOWLES - Removed to Brandford 1874 Margaret PICKLES - gone back to Canada
1837 Robt.LEEMING - Removed to Brandford  1882 Wm RILEY - gone to Kendal
1837 Margret LEEMING - Removed to Brandford

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    In the census transcription for 1881 on CD-ROM and on microfiche, for three areas of Habergham Eaves and one area of Great & Little Marsden, the "Census Place" is incorrectly shown as Whalley.
    The error concerns over 1000 households and lodgers in Habergham Eaves and over 200 households and lodgers in Little Marsden.  A list of the surnames and addresses involved is available at our branch [see also on this site]. 
    The areas concerned are -

Habergham Eaves

Great & Little Marsden 

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    A plot of land at the junction of Gannow Lane and Adamson Street was donated by the Rev. William Thursby and Lady Scarlett on which to build the new church.  The architects, Messrs William Waddington & Son of Burnley were appointed to design and to build the church.  A major part of the 13,000 building costs were provided by the Rev. William Thursby and the rest of the money was donated by Col. T T Dugdale and the executors of Col. Hargreaves.
    The foundation stone was laid by Col Thursby on Saturday afternoon, the 22nd September 1877.  Prior to the laying ceremony, a short service was conducted by the Rev. Canon Parker M A, Rector of Burnley, Rev. E C Maclure M A, Vicar of Rochdale and the Rev. J M D Owen M A, Vicar of Holy Trinity, Church, Habergham Eaves.
    On Thursday morning of the 8th April 1880, the church was consecrated by the Lord Bishop Fraser of Manchester.  The Vicar designate of the church was the Rev. W J Garrett, who some years previously was the Curate of St.Paul's Church in Burnley.
    The external masonry was from the Noggarth Quarry and the whole of the internal masonry was erected in Bath stone, whilst the roof was slated in green Westmoreland slate.  The dimensions of the nave were 90ft by 36ft and the chancel was 38ft by 26ft.  A tower to the west and two bays of the nave were to be added later.  The church when completed, had a capacity of 600 worshipers.  A Sunday School was erected in 1890 at a cost of 1,500.
    On Saturday afternoon of the 25th April 1891, a Masonic Ceremony for the laying of the Memorial Stone for the tower of the church took place, by Sir John O S Thursby JP.  The height of the tower was 105ft with an additional 30ft for the turret and in 1892, the church was finally completed.  The costs for the tower, clock and reredos were defrayed by Sir John Hardy Thursby.
    The population of the parish of St.John's in 1922 was 11,321.  The church was officially closed in 1981 because of dry rot and damage by vandals and eventually a decision to demolish the structure was made.  Demolition commenced 30th July 1984 and the area was grassed over when the task was accomplished.

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Submitted by Margaret Heap

    A new monk arrived at the monastery.  He was assigned to help the other monks in copying the old canons and laws of the church by hand.  He noticed, however, that all of the monks were copying from copies, not from the original manuscript.  The new monk went to the abbot to question this, pointing out that if someone made even a small error in the first copy, it would never be picked up.  In fact, that error would be continued in all of the subsequent copies.  The head monk said, "We have been copying from the copies for centuries, but you make a good point, my son."
    So, he went down into the dark caves beneath the monastery where the original manuscript was held in a locked vault that hadn't been opened for hundreds of years.  Hours went by and nobody saw the old abbot, so the young monk became worried and went downstairs to look for him.  He saw him banging his head his head against the wall.  His forehead was all bloody and bruised and he was crying uncontrollably.  The young monk asked the old abbot, "What's wrong, father?"
    With a choking voice, the old abbot replied, "The word is celebrate."
This article is by Glenys Marriott and was published in edition number 11, November 2002 of "NOW THEN", the journal of the Friends of the Dales Countryside Museum, Hawes.
    A lesson to all - always check the original if possible !!

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Yorkshire Family History Fair
Knavesmire Exhibition Centre
York Racecourse, York
Saturday 28th June 2003
10am - 4.30pm
Liverpool Aintree Family History Fair
Aintree Racecourse
Sunday 28th September 2003
10am - 5pm

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Amita = paternal aunt 
Ava = grandmother 
Avunculus = maternal uncle 
Coelebs = bachelor 
Coniunx = spouse (f) 
Filia = daughter 
Filius = son 
Frater = brother
Gener = son in law 
Gnothus = illegitimate 
Ignotus = unknown 
Illegitmus = bastard 
Mater = mother 
Matertera = maternal aunt 
Pater = father

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The Branch AGM was held on March 19th. In previous years all officials and committee members have been elected for one year.  In order to maintain continuity within the Branch it was proposed that half the committee would be elected in the odd years (2003, 2005 etc) and the other half would be elected in the even years (2004, 2006 etc).  To fulfil these criteria Branch officials were elected as follows .. ..

Chairman (one year) Jean Ingham 
Vice Chairman (one year)  David Taylor
Secretary (two years) Brenda Hustler
Treasurer (two years)  David Hustler
Minutes Secretary& Librarian (one year) Margaret Heap
Programme Secretary (one year) Tony Mason
Projects Coordinator (two years) Ken Lupton
Publications Officer (two year) Christine Haworth
Gazette Editor (two year) Derek Mills
Executive Liaison Officer (one year) David Hustler
Committee Members (two years) Mary Jackson & Christine Windle

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    The branch has been involved in a range of events this year including, Local History Week at Burnley in May, West Craven History Association Seminar and Family History Open Day at Barnoldswick in October and November, respectively and the Branch hosted the Lancashire Society's Annual Dinner at Roughlee in October.
    Monthly meetings have been well attended the speakers have been well received. Practical evenings, although not as well attended, are a hive of research activity.
    Projects have continued to progress apace with many more transcriptions being put on the computer and printed in bound volumes. The Branch website was developed and launched in June last year and is being well used and includes the newsletter which is published quarterly.
    The library continues to grow and is well organized and books sales, which are an important source of income for the branch, are steady. The future of the Branch looks healthy.         Bob Abel

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Please submit any correspondence to the editor, Derek Mills, 23 Hall Park Ave., Cliviger, Burnley BB10 4JJ

LFH&HS Pendle and Burnley Branch 2003