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Gazette Editor, Derek Mills has had to relinquish his post as editor of The Gazette and is unable to do any other computer work due to eye problems.

Project Co-ordinator, Ken Lupton has resigned as Project Co-ordinator due to health reasons. 

Derek and Ken have put in a lot of time and hard work, not only on the Gazette and the Project work, respectively, but also in transcribing records.   Members of the Branch and the Committee would like to express their thanks and appreciation to Derek and Ken and wish them both a speedy recovery.   Committee member, Christine Windle, has volunteered to take on the job of Project Co-ordinator but we need a new editor for the Gazette.  Derek is willing to help his successor in any way that he can.  Any member willing to take on this job should contact the Chairman, Jean Ingham or Secretary, Brenda Hustler or any other Committee Member.


In 2004, the Branch will be 25 years old.  The Committee would welcome ideas from the Branch members as to how we should celebrate this milestone.  Don't keep your ideas to yourself; tell us about them then we can get things organized for our Silver Jubilee.  Contact any Committee Member.  Suggestions to date :- A Dinner and Social Evening, Publication of a 'History of the Branch' booklet.


This is a joint project between Lancashire FH&HS and Manchester & Lancashire FHS.  The Societies are collaborating with the local Registration Services to make the indexes of the records of local births, marriages and deaths freely searchable via the Internet.  The database will eventually cover Lancashire births, marriages and deaths for the years 1837 to 1950 and will enable researchers to identify the names they are looking for, and obtain reference numbers from which local Registrars can supply the appropriate certificates.  Some indexes from Liverpool, Manchester, Salford, Rochdale, Oldham and Blackburn are already on the Internet and can be searched at  

Branches have been asked to volunteer to help with this project in their specific locality.  Jean Ingham, Margaret Heap, and David and Brenda Hustler attended a meeting at Chorley Branch chaired by Tony Foster, Chairman of LFH&HS, who explained how the system will operate and several of our Branch members have volunteered to help in this project locally at Burnley Register Office.  Tony Foster will attend the Branch Practical Meeting on 17th September to give the volunteers a presentation of what the work involves.  Marriages are to be completed first, followed by Births then Deaths. 

The task involves typing the hand written indexes from photocopies onto spread-sheets and this is done on PCs at home.  As each index is completed it is then checked against the original certificates in the registers at Burnley Register Office and corrected, where necessary.

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Speakers are becoming more expensive and the question was asked at the last committee meeting, "Do we need a speaker at every meeting?"  Your comments would be most welcome.

It was thought that perhaps members might like to give a talk.

It need not be a long talk, just 20 minutes or so.  Would anyone like to volunteer?  Other suggestions were: a Questions & Answers night; a debate night; a quiz night.

We have quite a good programme arranged for 2004, though there are still a few empty spaces, at the time of writing.  If you hear any good speakers and think they would be good for the society, please let me know.

Tony Mason, Programme Secretary.

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Transcriptions of the Baptisms and Burials at Winewall Inghamite Chapel are nearly complete.

The following are in the process of being transcribed or checked: 

Baptisms at Barrowford St Thomas' Church, 1844-1900 

Marriages at Barrowford St Thomas' Church, 1844-1900 

Burials at Barrowford St Thomas' Church, 1844-1900 

Burials at Burnley Holy Trinity Church, 1837-1900 

Marriages at Burnley St Paul's Church, 1876-1888 

Baptisms at Burnley St Peter's Church 

Baptisms at Colne St Bartholomew's Church, 1813-1838 

Marriages at Colne St Bartholomew's Church, 1844-1900 

1891 census index, transcribed by Ron Ashworth, is being bound and is also available on CD ROM. 

Volunteers are needed for transcribing or checking work on Parish Registers. 

No fiche reader?  Don't worry; we'll lend you one. 

No computer?  Don't worry; transcriptions can be checked from printed copy. This work is just as important as transcribing 

Contact Christine Windle, the Project Coordinator or any committee member for further details

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Publication dates for the newsletter have been altered to March, June, September and December.

It can be accessed (here) on the Branch website or can be sent by e-mail if you give your e-mail address to the Secretary.  Printed copies will be available at Branch Meetings and copies will be posted to those members who have requested this method.

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Margaret Heap, our branch librarian, has put in a lot of work reorganizing the branches library holdings.  All books belonging to the society now have a red rose sticker (the Society's badge) on them.  Margaret has dispensed with some of the category references as they were causing confusion and we have only small number of books in some categories.  Each books now has an individual number.  The only ones which have a category reference are: 

Parish Registers - G11: 

Census - G15: 

Monumental Inscriptions - G18: 

All the other books will show which Section Number they are kept under e.g. Small books - Section 1 and Section 2; Large books - Section 4.  The section number is written in pencil either on the spine, or inside the front cover with the book number. Each shelf is labelled with the section number and the various categories of books which it contains. 

It would be a great help if members would replace books in the correct place on the shelves. 

All branch resources are available for monthly loan but it is essential that the correct procedure is followed for booking out and booking in.  Any item borrowed from the library, at any time, MUST be entered in the blue borrower's book with the book number, section number, book description, name and telephone number of borrower and date taken.  When the book is brought back the date of return must be put in the blue book.  If a book is returned other than on a meeting night, members are asked to leave the book with whoever is on duty at the reference desk with a covering note giving the name of the borrower and the date returned.  It would be helpful if the borrower would also telephone the Society Librarian, Margaret Heap, saying that the book has been returned to Colne library so that it can be put back in its correct place on the shelf as soon as possible.

All microfiche and CDs also need to be booked out and back in again.  If microfiche are borrowed for TRANSCRIPTION PURPOSES, this must be shown in the borrower's book, as they could be needed for some time.  A yellow "Fiche Borrower's" card should also be completed and put in the drawer in place of the microfiche.  If a CD is borrowed, please put a slip in the space in the box giving the borrower's name and telephone number, CD details and date taken and put the same information in the borrower's book.  These details will be explained again when we have the tour of the library resources. 

A printed list of branch resources is available for a nominal fee, to cover the cost of printing. A printed list of databases on the branch computer is also available.

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The introduction of name badges with members interests listed on them seems to have been relatively successful and members seem to be talking to each other more.  If your member's interests need updating, please give any amendments, in writing, to Brenda Hustler so that they can be added to your name badge and to the list of member's interests which is displayed at Practical Evenings.  Please remember to leave your name badge in the box at the end of the evening so that it is there for you the next time that you come. 

Will new members please give their name and members interests to Brenda so that a new badge can be made?  There are a few blank badges at the back of the box.

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A brief consultation meeting with a small group of members was held on 16th July 2003 to discuss the format of practical evenings.  Several points were made and we are now in the process of implementing their ideas.

Ideas put forward but not yet implemented

Christine Carradice at Nelson Library has offered Internet training sessions between 7pm and 9 pm on Monday, 13th October. This is now fully booked.

Martin Bennett, Computer Advisor for the Local Libraries, has agreed to come along to our Practical Meeting on 29th October to give a practical Internet session on the Library computers.

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The Government issued its long awaited consultation document on the proposed changes to the Civil Registration Services for England and Wales.  This document is very long and detailed and Tony Foster, Chairman of LFH&HS has summarized the relevant points and outlined the proposed changes as they relate to family historians.

The Society will be making a response and therefore, Tony requires the Branch's comments by 20th September.  A copy of the Society's response will then be issued so that members can use it as a model for their individual response.

It is important that Branch Members respond to these proposed changes, so can members please let Brenda Hustler, have your opinions on this matter so that they can be sent to the Society.

Members are strongly encouraged to made individual responses to the proposals and these need to be made by 24th October to Lorraine Cole, Civil Registration Review Consultation, Room 126, General Register Office, Smedley Hydro, Trafalgar Road, Southport PR8 2HH.  Tony Foster's summary is as follows 

Civil Registration: Delivering Vital Change

  1.1  The Government issued its long awaited public consultation document on the proposed changes to the Civil Registration Service in England and Wales on 10th July 2003. Copies can be downloaded from:

  1.2  This summary is Tony Foster's attempt to highlight the essential changes as they relate to family historians.  It no way negates the need to consult the original document.  Pages 90-130 are of direct relevance to family historians [6.1.1 - 8.3.30].  The numbers is square brackets refer to the relevant paragraphs in the consultation document.  The various proposals appear in more that one paragraphs but Tony has not attempted to indicate all the parts.

  2.1  Civil Registration Records: Classification & Access 

  2.2  It is proposed to use the age of the person to determine the classification of the record and the type of access that would apply.  The main classification would be:

  2.3  Historic records - relating to people born over 100 years ago.  These would be fully open and no information would restricted.

  2.4  Modern records - relating to people born less than 100 years ago.  The majority of the record would be publicly available [6.2.4]

  2.5  Records created less than 100 years ago would be held by the Registrar General on a central database.  The Government also intends to create a database for records created over 100 years ago [6.2.5]

  2.6  Computerising the records would be a large task and it is unrealistic to expect that all records would be computerised at once.  It is proposed to computerise those records relating to the last 70 years first [6.3.3]

  2.7  Once computerised, the information would be more accessible than at present, as it would no longer be necessary to purchase certificates to see it.  Instead, information would be available via the central database, on payment of an access fee (£2) [6.4.15]

  2.8  It is proposed to restrict general access to some information contained on the modern record [6.4.17].  Legislation would be set out who would have access to the restricted information.  Paragraph [6.4.18] details those who would have access.

  2.9  Although it is proposed that family members should have access to the restrict information on registration records, it is not proposed that they would be able to give consent for others to access it [6.4.19]

 2.10  Family is defined as spouse/life partner of the individual, their children/step children, parents/step parents, (including guardians), brothers and sisters (including half and step siblings) grandparents step grandparents, grandchildren/ step grandchildren, uncles or aunts (or if they have died their children).  Family members would have to confirm their relationship by producing appropriate evidence, in paper or via the central database [6.4.26]

 2.11  It is proposed to improve access to the births, marriage and death records of people born over 100 years ago, whether living or deceased.  This would be achieved by making them fully available, without the need to purchase certificates and without any access restrictions.  It is possible that there would be a charge to access these records (£2 per record is suggested) [6.6.2]

 2.12  Birth and death records relate to a single person.  For marriages the record relates to two people.  There are two options when it comes to opening up marriage records: to do so according to the age of the elder of the couple or to do so according to the age of the younger [6.6.7]

 2.13  On balance, the Government feels that it would be better to use the age of the elder of the couple to determine when the restricted information on historic marriage records is released [6.6.11]

  3.1  Restricted Information 

  3.2  Appendix 6A details the information that will be restricted on modern records:

  3.3  Births: 

Occupation of father 

Occupation of mother 

Usual address of mother 

Informant's usual address 

  3.4  Deaths: 


Usual address 

If married/widowed occupation of husband/wife 

If less than 16, occupation of father and mother 

Informants' usual address 

Cause of death 

  3.5  Marriage 

Rank or profession of the groom 

Address at time of marriage for groom 

Rank or profession of the father and mother and step-parents of the groom 

Rank or profession of the bride 

Address at time of marriage for bride 

Rank or profession of the father and mother and step-parents of the bride 

  4.1  The Registers 

  4.2  Existing registers held locally would become the responsibility of local authorities [7.3.14]

  4.3  Local authorities would, in consultation with local record offices, need to consider at what point to deposit the original registers in their custody.  They could choose to deposit all original registers or simply those over 100 years of age.  Local record offices would also have discretion about how they make the original registers available.  The ethos of local record offices is to make records available free or at minimal cost.  If local authorities wanted to charge for accessing registration records deposited in local records offices, they would do so under existing arrangements [7.3.17]

  4.4  Similarly, it is proposed that the access framework should be applied to marriage registered held by religious bodied [7.3.24]

  5.1  Overseas Records 

  5.2  The consultation document also details changes for recording and depositing overseas and miscellaneous records but I have not summarised these changes.  However, for anyone interested in this part of the Registration Service should read chapter 8 [8.1 - 8.3.32]

  6.1  The Future Service

  6.2  The document also proposes to make fundamental changes in the way in which births, marriages and deaths are registered as well as modernising the arrangements for marriage.

  6.3  It is proposed to introduce new ways to register births and deaths - remotely via the internet or by phone - in addition to person attendance at a local office.

  6.4  The new registration service will become the responsibility of the local authority and it is proposed they should provide new services directly e.g. naming ceremonies, or via another local authority. 

  6.5  It is also proposed to create a 'through life' record for each individual containing birth, marriage and death registration records.  Other records, such as divorce or naturalisation records will be added to the central database to build a more complete picture of a person's civil status.

  6.6  These proposals are detailed in chapter 2-5.

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LFH&HS ANNUAL DINNER - hosted by Preston Branch at the South Ribble Banqueting Suite, West Paddock, Leyland on Friday 3rd October 2003.  Price £17.00 per head.  Guest Speaker Mr David Hunt. 

Full details of menu and booking form in the May edition of Lancashire - the Society's magazine or see the Branch Secretary. 

IRISH ANCESTRY GROUP will be holding two more meetings at 2 The Straits, Oswaldtwistle.  The dates and programme will be

20 September 2003 -Advice & Research 1pm - 4.30pm with a short talk on Griffiths Valuation at 2pm. 

4 October 2003 Programme as above 

At both meetings refreshments will be available.  There will be a contribution of £1.00 per person towards expenses.  Any surplus from meetings will be used to buy useful research additions to the library holdings.  Sorry, but numbers have to be limited.  Please let Margaret Purcell know which afternoon you will attend. 

Margaret Purcell, 128 Red Bank Road, Bispham, Blackpool, Lancs., FY2 9DZ 


EARBY & DISTRICT LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY are holding a "House History Workshop" on Saturday 25th October 2003, 10am - 3 pm at New Road Community Centre, Earby.  Booking Fee £4 includes tea or coffee.  Bring a packed lunch.  Contact Bob Abel. 22 Salterforth Road, Earby, Barnoldswick, Lancashire BB18 6ND

PENDLE AND BURNLEY BRANCH OPEN DAY - at Nelson Library on Saturday 15th November 2003.  Volunteers will be needed to help out at the Open Day. 


   Saturday 28th SEPTEMBER 2003 Liverpool Aintree Family History Fair at the Princess Royal Stand Exhibition Suite, Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool 10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. Admission £2.00 Accompanied Children under 16 Free

   Saturday 8th NOVEMBER 2003 The North West Family History Fair at Manchester Velodrome. 10 am to 4:30 pm

An online calendar of genealogical events and activities run jointly on behalf of GENUKI and the Federation of Family History Societies  can be found at 

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Tracking down the baptism of an ancestor before Civil Registration may prove to be quite a challenge.

Despite the fact that all available evidence points to a forebear being born at a particular time in a certain town or village, you may not be able to locate his baptism.  Normally at this point the search period needs to be extended.

Baptisms did not necessarily take place soon after birth.  For example, 29 year old John BRADLEY born in 1784 wasn't baptised until 1813.  Parents might wait until they had acquired three, four, or even more offspring, before bringing them to church.  In 1831 Thomas and Mary BULLOCK of Lodge Holme decided it was time to have their 'herd' of seven young BULLOCKS baptised in Colne Parish church.  Their ages ranged from 1 to 17 years.

Also some people were only baptised just before marriage.  A man at the next fiche reader to me in Colne Library cheered out loud when he found his great great grandfather's baptism aged 35!

In the weeks leading up to the introduction of Civil registration on the 1st of July 1837 there was a marked increase in the number of baptisms, many being of adults.  Over a three-day period 140 infants and adults were baptised at St.Bartholomew's Colne; the oldest adult being born in 1802.

A search of the registers around this time may just find that long-lost ancestor.

If extending the search period does not work think about extending the geographical search.

A surprising number of infants were baptised, not in the local parish church, but in the church where the family originated, or where grandparents and other relatives still lived.  For example between 1816 and 1822 John and Sarah GIBBON of Bolton Le Moors brought four of their children to St.Bartholomew's Colne to be baptised.  Perhaps they were visiting grandparents or other relatives?  Always look at other churches within a few miles radius, and if possible, also check the area where the grandparents lived.

Another main reason baptisms may not show up is non-conformity.  Out of four generations of the nonconformist WROE family of Blacko, only one child was baptised in the local parish church.  This particular baptism was during one of the many periods of trade depression in the area and it is possible that the family were in need of parish relief provided by the church.  It may have been that the baptism was a condition of receiving this relief.

Although marriages between 1754 and 1837 (with the exception of Jews and Quakers) had to take place in the parish church children would be baptised in the faith favoured by their parents.  If there is a long tradition of chapel going in your family, look at any surviving records of nonconformist chapels, firstly in the immediate area and then again further afield.  Bear in mind that people were prepared to travel long distances to go to the chapel of their choice.

The moral of this tale is (oh no!) widen your search in ever increasing circles.

Once you have found what you think is the correct infant-baptism, do remember to check burial records to make sure that the child you decided is yours did not die before they could become your adult ancestor!

Then of course there is always the possibility that (a) the Vicar forgot to enter it in the register or (b) your unholy lot were never baptised.  On that encouraging note I will close.   Good hunting! 

Submitted by Jean Ingham

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   Ref RG11 Piece 4152, Folio 118, Page 3, Dwelling - 7 Stock Street, Habergham Eaves, Lancashire

Sarah FAWCETT wrongly appears as Sarah A FACETT

Francesco DOWIE wrongly appears as Frank DOWIE

Harriet E. FAWCETT wrongly appears as Harriet E DOWIE

Florence FAWCETT wrongly appears as Florence FACETT

Submitted by Christine Haworth


If you use Vouchers, do remember to make a note of the date you first use them - they have a limited life of six months and we all know how time flies.


If you are worried about giving your credit/debit card details when ordering on the Internet; why not open a separate bank account with a limited deposit and use a debit card.  Unlike a credit card, no one can take out more than the balance in that account.


If you have any copies of certificates or parish records that you find do not relate to your family, please let Margaret Heap, our Branch Librarian, have them for her index.  They could be just what someone else has been looking for.

Submitted by Mary Jackson

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Following the launch of our branch website, we are now getting a lot of queries from members of the Society, who do not live in our area.  To date, these have been read out at each branch meetings, but the increase in numbers means that it takes up valuable meeting time.  It has been decided that for a trial period, we will give out a printed copy of the queries at each meeting.  It is hoped that this will bring a better response from our members.  Any information on the queries, however small, can be given to Brenda Hustler.  Up to press, the response from the members has been very limited.  The queries will continue to be posted on the message board of the branch website for a limited period and will then be included in the following newsletter

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Until we get a new editor for the Gazette, any new items for publication should be sent to the Branch Secretary, , 49 Stone Edge Road, Barrowford, Nelson, Lancashire BB9 6BB. 

© LFH&HS Pendle and Burnley Branch 2003