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  Issue No.13 - February 2004 Acting Editor Brenda Hustler    


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Unfortunately, Billy Cox, our new editor, has had to resign due to family commitments.  The Branch would like to thank him for stepping in as editor, albeit for a brief time.  His help was greatly appreciated.


You will note that we have a new heading for 'The Gazette'.  Whilst it is appreciated that many of you like to have a coloured heading to the newsletter, we are having problems with printing large numbers of copies on the Desk Jet colour printer.  Consequently, it has been decided that future issues of The Gazette will be in black and white so that they can be printed on the laser printer.  This is much more economical and is much quicker. 

We hope that you like the new design of heading.  Furthermore, we have now realized that the new issue dates for the Gazette are impractical since the March issue is too late to convey information about the Branch AGM, the June issue clashes with many members holiday arrangements and the December issue clashes with the Christmas arrangements.  It has been decided, therefore, to revert to our original months for issuing the newsletter i.e. February, May, August and November.

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EDITOR urgently required for 'The Gazette' our Branch newsletter.  Volunteers should form an orderly queue in front of either Jean, the Chairman or Brenda, the Secretary, or should contact any member of the committee.  A job description is available on request and help will be given to any member who is interested in taking on the post.  As stated previously 'The Gazette' is published 4 times a year. 

MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY for the Society.  Vicky Barlow, our current Membership Secretary, is having to retire for health reasons.  The Society needs to appoint a new person to fill the vacancy.  The job entails keeping the membership database up-to-date - details for new members are entered as they join and renewals are logged as they arrive.  All payments are recorded and then forwarded to the treasurer.  A record is kept of subscriptions which are 'gift aided'.  A welcome pack is sent to each new member and the membership data is used to generate labels for the quarterly journal. The membership secretary DOES NOT send out the quarterly journal, this is done by a team of volunteers.  The Branch would like to record our thanks to Vicky for the help she has given us over the past years.  Without her help, this newsletter could not be sent out to members. 

TREASURER for the Society.  The Treasurer deals with the finances of the Society.  For more information please contact

MINUTES SECRETARY for the Society.  For more information please contact 142 Cotswold Cres, Bury, BL8 1QP 

PUBLICITY OFFICER for the Society. - This is a new post.  For more information please contact

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BRANCH ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING on Wednesday 31st March 2004

The following officials will be elected at this year's AGM.

To serve for TWO years: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Minutes Secretary, Librarian, Executive Liaison Officer, Programme Secretary, One Committee Member.
To serve for ONE year: Editor of 'The Gazette'

A Nomination Sheet will be available at the February 18th and March 17th 2004 meetings, whereby you can propose or second one of the officials.  Jean Ingham (Chairman), David Taylor (Vice Chairman), Margaret Heap (Librarian and Minutes Secretary), David Hustler (Executive Liaison Officer) and Tony Mason (Programme Secretary) are all willing to stand for office again, but we need one new Committee Member and an Editor for 'The Gazette'.

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The Programme of Events for 2004 is now available as a card handout and can also be viewed on this website 

The out-visit in May has been arranged and there will be a supper at the 'Pub' next door to the museum following the visit.  Cost will be approximately 4 /5 depending on the choice of supper from the menu.

Tony Mason, Programme Secretary.

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BURNLEY CEMETERY INDEX.  Burnley Cemetery staff are indexing their burial registers and are asking for volunteers to help with the project.  The volunteers would work at the cemetery office and the work involves entering data into a computer database and only requires basic keyboard skills, but it is repetitive.  There are many thousands of records to enter.   If you can spare a few hours per week and you are interested in joining this project, please contact Brenda Hustler, Branch Secretary or , Burnley Borough Council.  The public will eventually be able to access the burial registers via the Internet.

The LANCASHIRE BMD project is now well under way.  Our volunteers are now checking entries at the Register Office at Burnley.  Anyone wanting to join the project will be most welcome.  Volunteers should contact the coordinator, , 2 Langholme Close, Barrowford, Lancashire  BB9 6DH.  LancashireBMD website is at   The 1901 census name index for Nelson is in progress at Nelson Library.  Anyone wishing to volunteer for this project should contact Christine Carradice, the Reference Librarian at Nelson Library.   Transcribing Parish Registers by our Branch is an ongoing project and volunteers to transcribe or check transcriptions are always welcome.

Christine Windle, Project Coordinator

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New acquisitions received for our library. 

(All these non-local volumes have been donated by Christine Bradley of Colne Library)

Margaret Heap, our branch librarian gave us a tour of our branch library at the January meeting.  If you missed it and would like information on our branch resources, please ask Margaret.

All branch resources are available for monthly loan but it is essential that the correct procedure is followed for booking out and booking in.  Details of the procedure can be found in The Gazette, Issue 11, Sept 2003.

Margaret Heap, Branch Librarian.

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Saturday, 13th March 2004, 9.30am - 4 pm at The University of Central Lancashire, Preston 

Organised by LFH&HS. All welcome. The speakers are 

Cost including buffet lunch and refreshments is 17.50.  Booking form available at Branch Meetings, from the Society's website - or from the Branch Secretary.



Saturday, 20th March 2004 at The Resource Centre, 2 The Straits, Oswaldtwistle, Lancs. BB5 3LU 


Please Note:- As last year, numbers are limited.  Please let Margaret Purcell know if you wish to attend.  Payment 5.00 each may be made on arrival.  Bring a packed lunch or if preferred, one may be bought locally.  Bookings and Enquiries to Miss Margaret Purcell, 128 Red Bank Road, Bispham, Blackpool FY2 9DZ



Saturday, 3rd April 2004 at St Andrew's Church Hall, Newmarket St, Skipton (10 am to 4 pm)



ONE DAY CONFERENCE AND ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, Saturday, 22nd May 2004, 10.00 am to 5.00 pm at The Foster Theatre, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, Lancashire.  Conference & AGM with lunch 15.50 per person Conference & AGM without lunch 5.50 per person

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As most family-historians are aware Parish Registers are the back-bone of our research and it is only a matter of time before we end up looking at them.  Fortunately the modern researcher no longer needs to go knocking on the vicarage door in order to view a particular register.  Most parish registers have been deposited at County Record Offices, but in many cases they are available even closer to home. 

Our branch library and the local Lancashire libraries hold many register-copies for churches in our local area.  However, the Local Studies section of Burnley Central Library also holds many parish registers (on microfiche) for other churches throughout the Blackburn Diocese.  This Diocese covers a large area of Lancashire, not just the immediate area around Blackburn, and the registers at Burnley Library are for the period up to and including 1900.  

In my own case, I was able to research some of my ancestors from Chorley, Garstang and Preston at Burnley Library thus saving a lot of travelling time and expense.  

At Burnley Library, there is also a complete set of the Lancashire Parish Register Society series, which covers the early years of older churches in the County. In addition to these are some local Roman Catholic registers many of which are up to 1941, as well as several local Non-conformist church registers of varying dates.  

So before you plan a research trip to the Lancashire Record Office at Preston, why not visit Burnley Library first.  You might be able to save yourself some of that most precious commodity, time!

Submitted by Jean Ingham

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A few weeks ago, I was asked by my sister, on behalf of a colleague of hers, if I had ever come across any gate posts in our area which had their tops carved in the shape of tenon joints as used in woodworking.  It occurred to me that some of our members may have seen something of this ilk in their walks around our beautiful countryside.  

There are at least three styles of tenon.  In type 1, the tenon extends across the full width of the post; type 2 tenon is central on the post and type 3 tenons are offset to one side of the post. See illustrations. 

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

There are several of these type of gateposts in the Leyland /Eccleston /Chorley area and these posts occur singularly or as the right hand post of a pair at the entrance to a field from a lane.  

Perhaps some of our members could answer the following questions.  

Are these tenon topped gateposts unique to West Lancashire, or have we some of them in East Lancashire?  

Why are they carved in such a way and why are there three different styles of tenon?  

Are they the trade mark of a particular stone mason?  

Are they carved this way for a purpose?  Was it so that something could be fitted on top of the gate post?  Was it so that they could be used as a hitching post for horse riders?  

Were they 'boundary stones' indicating ownership of land?  It has been suggested that they were used to indicate land owned by Catholic families during the Reformation period indicating that safe refuge or passage could be found.  

Another suggestion is that the post indicated land ownership by the Knights Templar.  

Were these posts used to mark a prescribed route such as those of drovers?  

If you can answer any of these questions or know of any of these types of posts in our area or in any other area of Lancashire, could you please let me know. 

Submitted by Brenda I Hustler.

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LRO will be open on one Saturday each month from 10.00am to 4.00 pm, for a trial period, during 2004.  

Days of opening are .. 

14 February 13 March 17 April 8 May
12 June 10 July 14 August 11 September
9 October 13 November 11 December

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Information from a 'cousin' in New Zealand is that the LDS Church microfilmed the Burnley Cemetery Burial Registers a couple of years ago.  There are nineteen films and these can be borrowed three at a time from Salt Lake City through the various LDS Family History Centres.  

Burial details from 1913 to 1963 contain: Burial Number; Date of Burial; Name; Age; Place of Death (up to 1950 only); Grave Number and (from late 1930's) the name of the person who performed the ceremony.  

To give you some idea of the size of the cemetery, a burial on 3 February 1913 was numbered 77136 and a burial on 3 January 1963 was numbered 133761 - i.e. over 1100 burials per year.  

If anyone was shown to have died at 118 Briercliffe Road, Burnley, this was the address of Primrose Bank / Burnley General Hospital. 

Submitted by Christine Haworth

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LUNCH  A sub-committee has been formed to organize a Silver Jubilee Sunday Lunch.  Members are Christine Windle, David Taylor, Mary Jackson and Tony Mason.  

EXHIBITION  There will be an exhibition about the Branch at Colne Library in July and at Nelson Library in October.  

An exhibition sub-committee has been formed - Margaret Heap, David Taylor, Brenda Hustler, Tony Mason and Jean Ingham.  If you have any photographs or information about the history of the Branch please inform Brenda or any member of the sub-committee.

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Mrs Lewis, who was going to give us a talk on The Amish People, at our February meeting was unable attend due to illness.  I have been able to let many members of our branch know about the change of programme because I have e-mail addresses for them.  If you have an e-mail address and would like to be contacted if such an occasion arises again, please send me an e-mail so that I can add you to the address list. 

Brenda I Hustler email:-



The County Archivist invites all users of the LRO to attent the User Consultation Open Meeting at Lancashire Record Office, Bow Lane, Preston, on Thursday 25 March 2004 at 2.00 pm.  

The LRO values your views and wants to know what you thing about various aspects of their service.  In particular they will welcome feedback on the trial period of Saturday opening.  Please let them know what you think.  

Tel 01772 533027 or e-mail

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Inner Front Cover 

John Wilkinson born 21st December 1832 
Elizabeth Wilkinson born 17th September 1833 
Alice Wilkinson born 13th January 1856

Eva Wilkinson born 13th August 1868 
Mary E Wilkinson born 31st July 1870 
Leah A Wilkinson born 13th 1874 

Back Cover 

Emma Dixon died 5th June 1858 age 7 months 
John Dixon of Hodge House died 30th December 1869 in his 58th year 
Jane Dixon of Carr Road died 30th July 1881 in the 65th year of her age

Henry Dixon (son) of Bradley, Marsden. Died 24th May 1862 age 20 years 
Eliza Dixon (dau) of Bradley died 21st September 1863 age 9 years 11 months 
Elizabeth Wilkinson (dau) died at Hodge House on the 21st August 1865 in her 29th year

John Dixon (son) of Nelson died 4th September 1870 in his 32nd year of his age 
Thomas Dixon (son) of Hodge House died 30th April 1874 in his 31st year 
Alice Ridehalgh of Accrington William Dixon (son) died 30th January 1890 age 42 years

Margaret Edmondson (dau) of Nelson died 7th March 1896 aged 58 years 
Lucy Atkinson (dau) of Colne died 1908 at Christ Church, Colne (Buried Whit Monday) 
Mary Ann Pollard of Colne died 23rd December 1911 age 76 years
Lydia Haighton (dau) of Colne Jane Whitehead of Nelson (dau) died 10th March 1920 in her 70th year

can be contacted at 10 Park View Terrace, Salterforth, Barnoldswick, Lancashire BB18 5TS

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Items for publication should be sent to the Acting Editor - Brenda I Hustler, 49 Stone Edge Road, Barrowford, Nelson Lancashire BB9 6BB or email:-

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LFH&HS Pendle and Burnley Branch 2004