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    A new members' interests list is being created this year.  Branch members were asked to fill in the form on pages 7 & 8 of February's newsletter. If you want your members interests to be added to the file.  
    As yet, only a few members have returned their forms.  Work on the new list will start after the June meeting, so if you want to be included, you must send your completed form to the branch secretary before the end of June.  Those members who have their interests on the branch website are asked to check that the details are correct and contact the branch secretary to confirm this.  
    Failure to do so will mean that they are removed from the website.

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    It was very pleasing to see that we had twice as many members at the AGM this year compared to last year. Our chairman, Jean Ingham, gave a report of the activities of the branch throughout the past year and the secretary and treasurer gave their reports to the meeting. Briefly, the branch has had a very busy year because it was our Silver Jubilee year. The branch is sound financially and although several people did not renew their membership in 2005, we have had 17 new members joining the branch since January this year. The following committee members were elected unopposed and will serve for two years.

Projects Coordinator
Brenda Hustler
David Hustler
Christine Windle
Publications Officer
Lancashire BMD
Committee Member
Christine Haworth
Christine Windle
Mary Jackson

    Bob Ellis volunteered to join the committee after the AGM and was co-opted as a member at the committee meeting held on April 13th. Unfortunately, since the last committee meeting, our Project Coordinator, Christine Windle, has had to resign due to other commitments, but she will remain on the committee as the coordinator for LancashireBMD.

    Following the main business of the AGM a short talk on using the internet to search the GRO indexes, FreeBMD, 1837online, Scottish Ancestors etc was given by our secretary Brenda Hustler. Many members found it informative and even those who are very 'au fait' with internet searching were able to learn something.


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LFH&HS Annual Conference and AGM

    Only four members of our branch attended the annual conference held on Saturday May 8th at Preston.  There were three good speakers and one of them, Rev.John Cree of Chorley, asked for help.  John Cree gave an extremely interesting talk on Myles Standish, one of the founders of what has become the USA.  He was passenger on the Mayflower which took the pilgrim fathers to America but there is some debate on where Myles/Miles Standish was born.  The Standish family resided at Duxbury Hall in the 17th century and it was accepted that they originated from the Chorley area. In the late 1800s, a researcher cast doubt on this because in his will, Myles Standish named his lands in the Croston and other villages around Chorley and also included was "the Isle of Man".  This researcher then claimed that Myles Standish was a Manx man.  There is, however, a farm and surrounding area called "the Isle of Man" between Croston and Chorley. Rev.John Cree, Rector of St Lawrence Church, Chorley, would appreciate any help in verifying that this is where Myles Standish came from.

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    The Programme of Events for 2005 is available as a card handout and can also be viewed on this website 

    The programme for next year, 2006, is almost complete but the 'outvisit' still has to be arranged.   Have you any suggestions as to where we should go?   Please let me know where you would like to visit.

Tony Mason, Programme Secretary.

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    New acquisitions received for the library ..


    C45 Christ Church, Charnock Richard - Marriages
    1861 RG9/3124 - Penwortham, Hutton, Hawick, Longton - Surname Index
    1861 RG9/3125 - Little Hoole, Much Hoole, Farington - Surname Index
    1861 RG10/4201 - Penwortham, Hutton, Longton - Surname Index

Margaret Heap, Branch Librarian.

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    Members continue to work on their various projects.  St Thomas Church, Barrowford burials, christenings and marriages are in the final stages of checking and work continues on the registers of Colne St Bartholomew's, St Paul's Little Marsden, St Mary's Newchurch in Pendle, and Christ Church, Colne.  Millie Clayton, Tony Mason and Peter Walsh are still working on the 1901 census index for Colne, Earby and Barnoldswick. 

    Well done, and thank you to all those working on projects. 

Lancashire BMD Project - A further 8593 marriages (from 9 churches) were put on the Internet on 24.Mar.2005.  The remaining church & register office marriages (including non-registered churches and chapels) are now complete and ready for submitting.  The original marriage registers at the register office have been rechecked and a start is being made on the birth indexes.  The registers held at Burnley Register Office are due to be moved to a purpose built establishment at Preston this year. In order to complete this project, some of our members will be travelling to Preston in the future.

Christine Windle, Lancashire BMD Coordinator
2 Langholme Close, Barrowford, Nelson, Lancs, BB9 6DH

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Open on Saturday - 2005

    Lancashire Record Office will open on the second Saturday of each month in addition to the usual daily opening times.  

    The office will open from 10.00am until 4.00pm on 

11th June 10th September 10th December
9th July 8th October  
13th August 12th November  


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    LFH&HS will have a stall at the Family History fairs at Buxton, York, Llandudno, Manchester and Aintree.   Anybody able to assist at these fairs, please contact - Stephen Ward, Exhibitions Organizer, 136 Hawthorne Road, Deane, Bolton  BL3 1QP  Tel. 01204 650348

Advice and Research Meeting at the Straits, Oswaldtwistle.   Saturday 4th June 2005, 1pm to 4.30pm

Buxton Pavilion Gardens Sunday May 22nd, 10am to 5pm.   Admission 2 (Accompanied children under 16 free)

County Hall Cwmbran.   Saturday 11th June 2005

York Race Course Saturday 25th June 2005, 10am to 4.30pm

    Winter Gardens, Royal Parade, Weston Super Mare.   Saturday 9th July 2005, 10am to 4pm

Gwynedd and Clwyd Family History Societies Llandudno Conference Centre Saturday, 3rd September 2005, 10am to 4.30pm   Admission 2.00 (Accompanied children under 15 free).   Lectures included in the admission fee.   Refreshments available.   Large car park at rear of the Conference Centre

Gateshead International Stadium Saturday 10th September 2005, 10am to 4.30pm.   Admission 3.00 (Accompanied children under 15 free)

    A Conference on Scottish Research at St.Andrew & St.George Centre, Bolton Saturday 17th September 2005
    Starting Scottish Research - First Steps with a Different System
    Tracking the Dead pre 1855 - Alternative ways of tracing those elusive ancestors
    The SCAN Project at NAS - Imaging of Scottish Documents
    Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland - Research from a different Perspective

For more details contact The Anglo-Scottish FHS Clayton House, 59 Piccadilly, Manchester  M1 2AQ, F.A.O. Scottish Conference E-mail:- Subject Scottish Conference 

LFHHS ANNUAL DINNER - 7th October 2005
Our Society's Annual Dinner 2005 is to be hosted by the Bury branch at the Masonic Hall, Bury.   It will be a standard meal with options.   Cost 17.   Parking is free.   The speaker is Peter Watson.   Full details will appear in the next "Lancashire" magazine

    Local history day at St.Peter's Church, Burnley.   Saturday 26th November 2005 10am to 4pm.   Booking form available in August from Margaret Jones, 46 Harewood Avenue, Simonstone, Burnley. BB12 7JB

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    Submitted by P.S.W  (A Frustrated Genealogist) 

    One day in 2001, whilst looking through the filing cabinet at Colne library, I accidentally came across an envelope containing 11 microfiche, entitled "The Diary and Sermons of Jabez Stutterd"   I am researching the surname Stuttard in the Pendle area so naturally I was interested.   Sitting down at the nearest fiche machine and picking a fiche randomly, I was hooked.

"Tuesday January 21st 1812
    Hugh Roberts of Thorny Home this day cut his throat, but not fatally, Dr. Midgley has gone to see him"

"Sunday February 16th 1812
    This day they buried Thomas Harrison at Broughton, they left Colne with the corpse at 12 o-clock"

"Sunday August 9th 1812
    Dead in Waterside, Ellen the wife of John Boys, hatter.   It is reported she died of for want of provisions.   Forenoon, heard brother John preach at the Baptist Church" 

    I returned a few days later to the library and started on fiche number one. 

"Monday November 27th 1809
    Bought Moores Almanac for 1810, price 1/10d"

"Monday December 11th 1809
    Dead in Colne Lane, Peggy Windle, a little deformed woman"

    It soon became obvious that to transcribe the diary at Colne library was going to take years.   Fortunately, Bob Abel, the chairman of Pendle and Burnley FHS at that time, said he was expecting delivery of a new fiche machine and I could borrow it.   Christine Bradley, the librarian in the local history department at Colne library said that I could borrow the fiche.

    I took the fiche and the fiche reader home and much to the chagrin of my wife, I vanished for hours at a time.   I was, however, able to get organised but it soon became apparent that it was going to take some time.   Each of the fiche contained 7 rows and each row contained about 9 double pages.   About half of the pages were sermons, which I decided to ignore, although Jabez Stutterd had me baffled.   Some of the sermons were his own, but the majority were sermons of other ministers.   Why?

    Some of the diary entries are fascinating ..

"Friday January 9th 1818
    Leeds Mercury:- Remedy for burns and scolds.   Oatmeal and cold water mixed together to a poultice form, laid upon the burnt part will give instant relief"

"Sunday March 1st 1818
    Children born and christened in London in 1817 was 24,129; but 19,968 died; only 4,161 lived"

"Wednesday November 8th 1815
    Robert Elliott of Burnley, a partner in the brewery in Marsden, fell from his horse, was dragged a considerable way till nearly all his clothes were torn off.   Died soon afterwards"

    By early February 2002 the diary was finished, or so I thought.   I had returned the fiche machine to the society, the fiche and the hand written diary to Christine, keeping a copy for myself.

    On March 21st I received a present of a second hand Windows 2000 computer and printer.   Dilemma! What should I do?   I decided to copy the diary into my computer.   With brief instructions from my son Ian and son in law Chris, I mastered the basics.   Good job it was easy to delete, don't forget to click save.

    By the end of April 2002 I had finished the diary, printed it and had given a copy to Christine Bradley, who said she would have it bound.   Having finished the diary I decided that I wanted to add an epilogue.   The diary left a lot of questions unanswered.   Was it written by one person?   After June 1818, there was nothing added until 1824.   Why?   I also wanted to find out more about Jabez and his family.

    My own research over the years, although not part of the diary, was I felt intertwined.   I will go back to before I was born.   About 1928, my grandfather Herbert Hartleigh Stuttard started an album, which he passed round friends and relations to add their contributions.   The album, which was almost A4 size, was given to my mother in 1973 for safekeeping.   Looking through the album was not particularly interesting.   It was badly faded, copper plate writing of verses from Tennyson and Longfellow.   All the contributions were signed off with initials, so not much help to a genealogist.   Only one page was interesting, and that was written by H.H.S himself.

"Recipe from uncle John Stuttard. Formerly of Albert Road Colne
    Sent to cousin Sissie, (Mrs. Duerden) March 17th 1931, copied by Herbert Hartleigh Stuttard into this book March 18th 1931"

"Recipe for pains in the back:- 
    One pennyworth of Rectified turpentine, 
    One pennyworth of Nitre, 
    One pennyworth of Sal Volatils, 
    One pennyworth of Juniper. 
    10 drops each night on a lump of sugar at bed time. 

    The above were sent by cousin May, (Mrs Wood) daughter of uncle John Stuttard to Mrs. Duerden daughter of uncle Tom Stuttard.    H.H.S, March 18th 1931"

    Even more interesting was an envelope containing a list of Baptisms and Marriages.   Mother compiled an interesting family tree from it.   Starting with Stuttards, through to Drivers, Stansfield and ending with Barnard Hartley born 1696, obviously H.H.S was interested in genealogy.   For quite a few years the family tree lay rolled up in a drawer forgotten, until about 1984 when it was decided to start a Rolls-Royce Family History Society.   At RRFHS, we started our own booklet and titled it "Forty Steps"   The title was nothing to do with genealogy, but was the steps the weavers used when going to and from Barnoldswick to the weaving shed called Bancroft Mill.   The booklet, similar to the Gazette, included members' interest and I added my Walsh and Stuttards.   The chairman posted our booklet off to other societies in the country.

    About 1985, I received a letter from the chairman of the The Isle of Axholme Family History Society.   She wrote, "The Reverend Jabez Stutterd was a minister at our Baptist Chapel at Crowle for 18 years from 1866 to 1884.   I have looked him up in the 1881 Census and found as follows:- 

    Jabez Stutterd, head, age 60, Baptist Minister, born Colne; also Elizabeth, wife, age 62, born Colne.   I also include a booklet titled "Axholme Baptists" which mentions Jabez Stutterd"

    At about this time, when looking for a Baptism for William Stuttard, born 1808 at Dent Fold, (part of Colne, now demolished), I was in Colne library and Christine Bradley, ever helpful, mentioned the Stutterd grave stone in the now demolished Baptist Chapel in Colne Lane.   I found the stone covered in rubbish.   I returned a few days later with a stiff brush and a camera.   The above was not part of my family so I filed it away for reference.

    Writing the epilogue I realised the importance of the Stutterd gravestone in Colne Lane.

"In memory of John Stutterd, who under God was the founder of the Baptist Church in this place and Pastor over it for 40 years.   Died in peace June 7th 1818 age 68"

    From the diary:- 

"Saturday June 6th 1818
    Brother John very poorly, at about midnight he drew his last, after a heavy sob he left his wearisome body behind"

    Apart from his books I thought the pay out of his money on Thursday June 11th 1818 was interesting.   He had left a total sum of 182 - 5s - 0d, divided as follows:- 

"49-1s-8d each to Yorkshire, my son John and myself.   15 to sister Mary and 20 to the Widow" 

    (Yorkshire, was his nephew John Stutterd who had spent the evening before the interment at the Kings Head.   Jabez's brother Thomas died September 3rd 1815, more later)

    I was to find out much later that there were three Stutterd brothers, John, Thomas and Jabez.   John, the eldest of the three brothers, was born March 27th 1750, was married three times, May 4th 1776 to Nancy Hartley, May 10th 1806 to Mary Stutterd and December 29th 1814 to Sarah Holgate.   They had at least four children, John born 1776, James born 1784, William born 1787 and Hartley born 1790.   More is written about John because he founded the Baptist Church in Colne in June 1769.   The chapel was opened June 1st 1788 and he was the pastor there until his death in June 1818

    Jabez, who is the writer of the diary, was the youngest of the three brothers and was born August 1st 1762.   He married Betty Dyson on February 21st 1782.   They had three children, John born July 1784, Jabez born 1791 and Thomas born April 1787 

    I have yet to find anything written about Jabez.   Earlier I mentioned that I had doubts that the diary was by one person, because towards the end, the writing and content had deteriorated.   I visited the gravestone again in Colne Lane and adjacent to the gravestone of John was the gravestone of Jabez badly worn and difficult to read.   It read:- 

"Betty, wife of Jabez Stutterd of Colne who departed this life December 13th 1821 age 50 years.   Also Jabez Stutterd who died August 18 ---18 --- age" 

    Fortunately the last line had been transcribed by the late Doreen Crowther some years ago and read:- 

"Also Jabez Stutterd who died August 18th 1827 age 63 years"

    The only conclusion I can arrive at is that after 1827 the diary was written by his son Jabez.

    Another entry in the diary that I noted was: - 

"Saturday May 15th 1813
    My nephew Thomas Stutterd was baptised at Salendine Nook on Thursday last"

    Salendine Nook intrigued me.   Where was it?   I was unable to find it on any of my maps at home, but on looking at a large scale street map of Yorkshire, I found it on the A640 between junction 23 on the M62 and Huddersfield, not exactly a town, more an area.   The Baptist Chapel is quite a substantial building with a large graveyard.

    Huddersfield & District FHS had transcribed the baptisms into a booklet that I had sent for.   Unfortunately there was no record of Thomas Stutterd, at least not in 1813, but it was an interesting building to visit.   Another misleading entry in the diary was: - 

"Wednesday September 13th 1815
    Letter from my nephew Jabez who lives at Banbury.   My brother Thomas died at Oxford on the 3rd September and was interred in the Baptist Chapel Yard.   He died of a bilious complaint"

    I made enquiries and the only Baptist chapel with a grave yard in Oxford was the New Road Baptists.   It was an excuse to visit Oxford.   My wife wanted to visit the shops and stores and I was interested in the architecture of the many colleges.   It is a pity the general public are not allowed in the Bodleian Library.   We found the chapel, unfortunately closed and the small graveyard now used by the locals as a meeting, drinking place.   The stones that remained were very old and unreadable.   Disappointing!

    I wrote a few letters to nonconformist ministers at Oxford and Christine Carradice at Nelson library sent an e-mail to the Oxford Record Office, but all drew a blank.   No burial records around 1815 now exist. 

    I turned my attention to Crowle and my wife and I visited the village in July 2002.   We found the chapel, locked.   The small graveyard adjacent to the chapel was overgrown but, with luck, we found the stone in good condition but almost covered in brambles.   It read - 

"In loving memory of Jabez Stutterd. Baptist Minister, who departed this life April 23rd 1891 aged 71 years. Also his dear wife Elizabeth, who departed this life April 26th 1897 aged 78 years"

    This confirmed the information in the booklet that I had received some years ago from the Axholme Family History Society.   The name index for the 1881 Census for Crowle stated that he was born in Colne as did the 1841 Census for Colne: - 

   "Lower Emmott School 
    John Stutterd, Head, age 55, School Master: 
    Ellen Stutterd, Wife, age 45:
    Jabez Stutterd, Son, age 20, Warehouse man:"

    John was the eldest son of Jabez, the writer of the diary; his son became the minister at Crowle.   A few snippets from the diary: - 

"Wednesday March 5th 1812
    This street had a narrow escape from the devouring element of fire, J Stansfields wife had left 3 children in bed.   A chair with clothes hung there, it fell and took fire, the chair was burnt, but for the timely assistance would have continued to the floor"

"Saturday April 4th 1812
    The daughter of Thomas Heaton of Trawden Mount died very suddenly after she had drunk tea"

"Wednesday August 26th 1812
    Went to Skipton by way of Glusborn and Cononley, came home again the same day very weary and tired"

    (Tired!! I am not surprised. Colne to Skipton is about 12 miles, about 4 hours on unmade roads)

"Saturday October 10th 1812
    Robert Thomson buried this evening, he was fat, therefore in consequence his coffin was an enormous size"

"Tuesday September 7th 1813
    Died this morning Ellen the wife of William Riding, she bore 2 children and died almost immediately.   She attended the Methodist Chapel three times last Sunday"

"Sunday January 11th 1818
    In the evening went to Wycoller to preach, very dirty walking, thunder and lightning about"

    I felt with the epilogue it was time to call it a day.  I had found a fair amount of information about Jabez and John, but I was disappointed that my knowledge of Thomas was almost nil and that Salendine Nook possibly held the answer.   I gave a copy to Christine Bradley, with photos of the gravestones at Colne and Crowle, plus two maps of Colne Lane, Colne.   Finished at last!   I can relax.   But as all genealogists know, it is very rarely finished, and I was, in 2004, going to receive a lot more information.

    It is now autumn 2004.   A small group of us are working at Nelson library, transcribing the 1901 Census.   We are joined in the afternoons by Maureen Smith who is checking the final stages.   Maureen brought me a paperback book about a Lancashire Minister.   She said that I could borrow it, as there was one page I was sure to find interesting.   On reading the book at home, the one page Maureen had marked was indeed interesting. It read as follows:- 

"Jabez Stutterd / Stuttard / Stothard, a weaver of tweeds left Perth about 1745 and settled at Southfield.   His family consisted of a daughter Hannah and three sons, John, Thomas and Jabez.   John was baptised on September 13th 1766 and preached his first sermon at Colne.   Thomas received his dismission from Haggate in 1781 and was received into the Baptist Church at Salendine Nook, as well has being a preacher he travelled in the wool trade, visiting Sheffield, Leicester, Banbury and Oxford.   Jabez senior was buried inside the Baptist Chapel at Haggate"

    There wasn't much love lost between the Colne Stutterds and the Yorkshire Stutterds.   On his brother's death mentioned earlier, his nephew was written into the diary as Yorkshire, got 49-1s-8d, and when Thomas died in 1813, he didn't go to the funeral.   If there was any riotous living which is mentioned in the information that I am going to write about and that I received from Geoff Stuttard and Rex Watson, it was all in the past.   He must have been well respected, but often lonely and sometimes despondent. 

"Monday August 13th 1810
    Took an inside place in the coach to Manchester, got there at half past five, went to Oldham St Chapel"

"Saturday August 1st 1812
    At home writing letters to John Bartles creditors"

"Tuesday August 18th 1812
    The bailiffs from Blackburn in the house of John Bartles all night"

"Tuesday December 29th 1812
    Went to Cononley on business for R Sagar, wet and dirty walking"

"Saturday March 20th 1813
    A wettish morning. Set out with Joshua Phillips towards Lancaster to attend the assizes. Reached Sykes Inn in Bowland that night"

"Monday March 22nd 1813
    Attend the court, heard several trials, there appears to be 19 sentenced to be executed"

"Thursday May 20th 1813
    The bell announced that one of my fellow creatures to-morrow to be laid to rest in the silent tomb.   May I be prepared for my exit"

"Sabbath Day May 23rd 1813
    About 8 o-clock they came for me to see John Holgate who appears to be approaching the gates of death.   Another Sabbath day has rolled over and I am nearer eternity"

    When I first started to think about writing this for the Gazette, it was just going to be about the diary.   The book that Maureen lent me and the information that I was going to receive from Geoff Stuttard and Rex Watson, changed all that.   While I am only interested in the Pendle and Burnley Stuttards, Geoff is cataloguing all Stuttards and has a database of over 8600 names.   He was corresponding with a family in Tasmania about Stuttards.   The only information they had was that he was called Thomas, came from Yorkshire, had two brothers, John, a minister at Colne, Jabez, a spend thrift who lived a riotous existence.   I supplied Geoff with a small amount of information and I also ordered a bound copy of the diary for him.   In return he sent me about thirty A4 sheets on the Stutterds that he had received from Tasmania.   At the January meeting, I was advised by our secretary Brenda Hustler to write to Rex Watson in Cambridge.   Almost by return I received another large number of A4 sheets, mainly about John and Thomas.   At the moment I haven't collated all this information.   Someday I will rewrite the diary, with a new title, "The Three Stutterds??"

    Some of the information that Geoff Stuttard supplied is terrific, therefore I will end by:-


    Thomas Stutterd lived with his wife, sons and daughters at Woodhouse near Huddersfield.   He was a wool merchant and spent a lot of time travelling on business to Northampton, Banbury, Oxford and Witney.   Once, on business, he sent over 600 in cash home by J Digby.   Business was good and while travelling he wrote letters to his sons John and Jabez who were at boarding school.

    His son, Jabez married Elizabeth Gardner, they lived at Banbury and like his father, he was a woollen Merchant.   They had at least three sons, Thomas, John and Joseph Gardner and a daughter Mary Ann. Joseph Gardner Stutterd was born in Banbury March 4th 1813.   At the age of 11 he was sent to the boarding school at Hadley Hall, Berkshire.   He had a talent for drawing and he left there at the age of 14 and boarded at a finishing school at Weymouth.   He was instructed in Latin, Greek Classics and Arithmetic for a fee of 25 guineas per annum.   On leaving school he started his apprenticeship at his uncle's iron works in Banbury, and later became a partner.

    In 1837, aged 24, he married Jane King.   They had 13 children between 1839 and 1857, but 4 died in infancy.   In November 1853, they sold the house and all their furniture chartered the sailing ship "Cashmere" and sailed with their children on a four-month voyage to New Zealand.   They landed at New Plymouth, the port of Taranati, North Island.

    They left New Zealand in 1856 in the sailing ship "Vixen".   They landed off the river Tamer and arrived at Launcester in Tasmainia.   At "Waratah" (Table Cape) they built a house at the mouth of the Inglis River and named it "Araucaria".   They became managers of a General Store, prospered, put up stores, barns and stables for other settlers.   (At this point the story becomes complicated, with births and deaths, they become E & A Stutterd, also J & G Stutterd.   To make sense of it all, I shall have to go through it slowly, putting the marriages, births and deaths into some sort of order)

    The above was written April 1954, the last few lines read:-  The house "Araucaria" has disappeared, the lovely trees uprooted, stores, stables and the wharf all gone.   But the name Stutterd will be remembered by the church built at Wynyard by grandfather's son, Edward Stutterd.

Peter Stuttard Walsh

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    Lancashire County Libraries are now "Wifi" enabled.   Laptop and other computers that have been fitted with a special "wifi" card can log on to Broadband at the library.   Our branch computer will be "wifi" enabled and David Hustler is undertaking trials with this system (when he finds the time).   Appropriate antivirus and firewall software will need to be installed to ensure that the branch computer remains safe.


    A website dedicated to British social history is now on-line.   It includes statistics from censuses since 1801 and responds to place names and postcodes or via an interactive map.   Information on everything from infant mortality rates to mangle-turning can be accessed via a search engine.   It is the brainchild of Prof.Humphrey Southall of the University of Portsmouth and took 10 years and 1.5 million to create.

Source - Daily Telegraph 25.Oct.2004

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    A subcommittee consisting of Jean Ingham, David Hustler, David Taylor, Tony Mason, is now putting together a new branch "Starter Pack".   They would welcome any helpful suggestions from the members as to what they think should be included. Please give your suggestions to any member of the sub-committee.

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    A new TV series has been commissioned that focuses on the impact of the First World War on communities in Britain.   The production company, Wall to Wall (producers of Who Do You Think You Are), want to examine the lives of those affected by the conflict by looking at war memorials, not just those of the armed forces, but including nurses and civilians killed during the war.   However, case studies are urgently required, and Wall to Wall would be keen to hear from family historians and volunteers who have come across inspiring stories in their research, to complement Wall to Wall's own research (led by Nick Barratt).   Any contributions should be sent to

    As part of the programme series, the broadcaster is looking to create an online directory of war memorials and those commemorated on them, consolidating and complimenting existing information, providing an invaluable resource for all family historians in the future. 

    Maggie Loughran Administrator, Federation of Family History Societies 

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    When the last issue of 'The Gazette' was posted out, several messages "bounced" and were returned as undeliverable.  If you have changed your e-mail address, please inform the branch secretary.

    This also applies to members who have their research interests posted on the branch website.

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    The branch meeting on 20th July 2005 will be a practical evening and "Open Night".   Members are asked to come and help out any visitors on that evening.   Unfortunately, the Open Night also clashes with the cycle race around Colne town centre, but we have been informed that inconvenience for car parking on the evening will be kept to a minimum.

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Items for publication should be sent to the Acting Editor - , 49 Stone Edge Road, Barrowford, Nelson Lancashire BB9 6BB

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LFH&HS Pendle and Burnley Branch 2005