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  Issue No.19 - August 2005 Acting Editor Brenda I Hustler    


 1   Editor Needed for the GAZETTE 13  Lancashire Registration District
 2   Members Interests 14  UK BMD
 3   Christmas Festivities 15  Lancashire Record Office
 4   Open Evening & Open Day 16  Strays
 5   Programme 17  St Georges Presbyterian Church
 6   Library 18  Cultural Diversity Project
 7   Projects 19  Resources at LDS Rawtenstall
 8   Diary Dates (What's on) 20  Computer Notes
 9   The Find in the Eaves of a House 21  Query Corner
10  Cemetery Rules 22  Email Addresses
11  Table of Fees and Payments 23  Items for Publication
12  LancashireBMD Project 24  News-Letter Editor


    An editor is needed for "The Gazette", the quarterly branch newsletter.  Full training will be given if required and you would need access to a PC. 


    Work has begun on the new "members' interests list", but there are still many members who have not submitted their research interests.  If you want them to be included on the new list and/or on the branch website,  YOU MUST COMPLETE A FORM AND RETURN IT TO THE BRANCH SECRETARY.  Members whose research interests are on the branch website must check their entries are correct and contact the branch secretary to confirm this.  YOU MUST CONFIRM THAT YOU STILL WANT YOUR INTERESTS POSTED ON THE WEBSITE.  Failure to do so will mean that they will be removed from the website.

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    For several years now David Taylor, our vice-chairman has organized the Christmas Festivities.  He and his wife Sue along with David's sisters, Jean and Norma have organized the entertainment and catering and have provided an excellent buffet supper at cost price (sometimes less than cost price).  Unfortunately this year, both Norma and Jean have been very ill and are no longer able help and David and Sue have business commitments.  Consequently they will not be able to provide the buffet this year.  We would like to thank them all for doing such a good job over the past years and wish Jean and Norma a speedy recovery.  We now have to think about what form our next Christmas Festivities will take.  The committee feel that to have a buffet of the standard that David and Sue have provided in the past would cost considerably more than in previous years, and it has been suggested that we have something completely different and that we keep the cost to a reasonable amount.  Suggestions as to the format of the Christmas Festivities so far are - 

  1. Entertainment in the form of quizzes etc, drinks, Pie and Peas Supper or Coffee and Mince Pies; 
  2. Just sit around and chat with friends with a supper of some sort - e.g. either of the above 
  3. Cheese and Wine evening and either sit and chat or have other home made entertainment; 
  4. A speaker as at normal meetings followed by Coffee and Mince Pies; 
  5. Just have a research evening /sit and chat, with tea and biscuits. 

Your suggestions are urgently needed and should be given to either Christine Haworth, Christine Windle or Tony Mason

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    We had a busy "Open Evening" on July 21st in spite of the clash with the cycle race around Colne.  We had the use of some of the library's computers and Martin Bennett agreed to attend to oversee their use. Bob Dodgson, our branch member from Bolton, came over once again and used his access to 'online' databases to do searches of the census records.  Needless to say he was kept busy all evening.  Thank you, Martin and Bob. Jean gave a short talk on the use of the 'Wills Indexes' and all in all, a good time was had by all who attended. 

    Our 'Open Day' will be held at Barnoldswick Library on Saturday, November 12th, 10 am to 3.30pm.  Volunteers to help at the event will be welcomed with open arms.  Please contact either Jean, Brenda, Margaret or Tony if you are willing to help out.

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    The Programme of Events for 2005 is available as a card handout and can also be viewed on this website 

    The programme for next year, 2006 is complete except for the 'outvisit'. Suggestions as to where we should go are Sawley Quakers Meeting House or a Tour of Heptonstall. Please let me know where you would like to visit.

Tony Mason, Programme Secretary.

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    New acquisitions received for the library ..

Two new Lancashire Parish Register Society books have been added to the library:

Vol 158 Newton Heath Part 1 - 1655 to 1796 

Vol 159 Newton Heath Part 2 - 1797 to 1837

Margaret Heap, Branch Librarian.

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    Work continues on several projects. 

Haggate Baptist Chapel Registers for burials - 1786 to 1857 and births - 1762 to 1820 are being transferred to a database from the printed copies with some corrections done from the film of the original registers. 

Burnley Cemetery Memorial Inscriptions - about half of the database of 1430 M.I.s has been checked with the headstones or with the burial registers at Burnley Cemetery. 

Transcription of the 1901 census for Pendle District is nearing completion.

Colne St Bartholomew's Church marriages and Newchurch-in-Pendle St Mary's Church, baptisms, burials and marriages are still in progress. 

Transcriptions of the registers for Colne Christ Church and Barrowford St Thomas Church have now been checked against the original registers at Lancashire Record Office, as have the baptism registers for St Paul's Church, Little Marsden.

Thank you to all those working on projects. Lancashire BMD Project - see page 5

Christine Windle, Lancashire BMD Coordinator
2 Langholme Close, Barrowford, Nelson, Lancs, BB9 6DH

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    7th October 2005 Our Society's Annual Dinner 2005 is to be hosted by the Bury branch at the Masonic Hall, Bury. It will be a standard meal with options. Cost 17. Parking is free. The speaker is Peter Watson. Full details and booking form were in the centre of the May issue of "Lancashire" magazine.


    Astley Hall - Saturday 3rd September: Morning Lecture: To The Manor Born (Manorial Tenants Research) / Afternoon: Downstairs - Upstairs, a study on the 'working' families of the Hall Refreshments can be obtained from The Coach House or the new tea-room in the courtyard.


    Historical Crafts Family Learning Day - A Free Event at Manchester Cathedral Saturday 3rd September 2005 10am to 4pm An interactive celebration of the work of those Master craftsmen and craftswomen whose skills down the centuries have built, decorated and embellished the countries finest buildings, namely our Cathedrals and Churches. This is a 'hands on' day with demonstrations and workshops.


    Meetings at 2 The Straits, Oswaldtwistle 10th September Talk plus research 1 - 4.30 pm 3rd December Workshop: 1 - 4.30pm Please contact Margaret Purcell if you plan to attend.


    Organised by Rossendale Branch.. Haslingden Library from Saturday September 3rd until Friday 29th September. The Irish Ancestry Group will attend on Saturday 24th September from 10.30am to 3.30pm.


    Gateshead International Stadium Saturday 10th September 2005 10am - 4.30pm Admission 3.00 Accompanied children under 15 - free


"Born Scotland!, What Next" A Conference on Scottish Research at St. Andrew & St. George Centre, Bolton Saturday 17th September 2005 o Starting Scottish Research - First Steps with a Different System EVENT CANCELLED


Manchester Velodrome Saturday 1st October 2005 Admission 2.00. Accompanied children under 16 - free. 10.45am Family History Sources on the Internet 12.00 noon Basic Sources for Family History Research 1.15pm Family History Sources on the Internet. Free Lectures, Free Car Parking, Refreshments available. Details from E Gullick, 4 Lawrence Ave, Simonstone, Burnley. BB12 7HS e-mail -


    Princess Royal Stand Exhibition Suite, Ormskirk Road Aintree L9 5AS Sunday 6th November 2005 10am - 5pm Admission 2.00. Accompanied children under 16 - free.


    The Spa Complex, Grand Hall Scarborough. Saturday 12th November 2005 10am - 4pm Admission 2.00 Accompanied children free of charge.


    Local history day at St Peter's Church, Burnley Saturday 26th November 2005 10am - 4pm Fee - 10 including a cold buffet lunch three lectures " Writing Down Memories , Lancashire People in the 1950s and 1960s" - Dr Alan Crosby "Mary Hindle and her Transportation to New South Wales" - Mr Bill Turner "Recording History in the 21st Century", including a practical workshop - North West Sound Archives Booking form available in August from Margaret Jones, 46 Harewood Ave, Simonstone, Burnley. BB12 7JB

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Submitted by Ada Hannam 

    In the spring of this year (2005), a lady called Brenda Harry went into Barnoldswick Library looking for information on John Crew, one of her ancestors, who used to have a photography and picture framing business at 2 Sussex Street, Barnoldswick.  The librarian at Barnoldswick gave Brenda what help she could and then suggested that she got in touch with me (Ada Hannam) as I have been involved in family history research for over 25 years.

    When Brenda asked me for help, I said that I had never heard of the Crew family but that I did know Brian and Phyllis Hartley who now lived at 2 Sussex Street.  I said that I would ask them if they had any information on the Crew family who had lived in the house before them.

    What a surprise I got.  Brian and Phyllis told me that they had found two boxes in the eaves of their house and these boxes contained over 2000 death/burial certificates which dated from 1889 to 1926 and related to Ghyll Cemetery, Barnoldswick.  Most of them were for Barnoldswick people but there were a number for people from Earby, Colne, Nelson and a few for deaths at Skipton for instance at the Union Workhouse, Gargrave Road.  There were also quite a number of Coroner's Certificates for sudden deaths.

    As well as these death certificates, there were invoices which gave a clue as to how they came to be in the eaves at 2 Sussex Street.  John Crew was a Trustee for the Ghyll Cemetery, Barnoldswick and my theory is that a certificate had to be produced to John Crew for the opening of a grave, and these he had kept.

    As we all know, the mortality rate for children in those days was high, but it brings it home to you when you see the long list of children who died having lived just half an hour and many others died who were under 5 years old.  It was, therefore, a surprise to see that there were those who lived to be over eighty and even one at ninety six years old.

    The information on the certificates gives the name and age of the deceased, the date that the death was registered and most certificates give the address and where the person died.  This information will be most useful to someone searching their family history since information covering these years is often very difficult to find.

    Our thanks go to Brian and Phyllis Hartley who allowed me to borrow the certificates and take them home. Brenda and I have transcribed the details from these certificates and have put them into a database on computer.  This is now complete and copies have been given to Lancashire Record Office at Preston, some of the branch libraries in Pendle District and Family History Societies.

    If anyone wants to get in touch with me (Ada Hannam) for help with their family search, they are welcome to contact me at

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The Ghyll Cemetery referred to in Ada's article is the town cemetery for Barnoldswick and it is adjacent to the graveyard at St Mary le Ghyll Church.  It was opened in 1889 and its official title is "The Gill Undenominational Burial Ground, Barnoldswick.  It now comes under the authority of Pendle Borough Council. 

The database containing Ada's transcriptions of the burial/death certificates will be installed on the branch computer. 


In addition to this article, Ada also found a copy of "Rules and Regulations as adopted by the Trustees with Table of Fees and payments" printed at the Craven Herald Office, High Street, Skipton price two pence.  Unfortunately there is no date on the leaflet, but Ada has kindly photocopied it and donated the copy to the branch.  There are 37 rules and regulations listed, a selection of them are shown below. 

  1. All charges for interments, and for the purchase of freehold graves and vaults, must be paid for previous to interment, or at the time of interment. 

  2. A certificate of registry of death must be produced previous to interment, and the name of the parish or district from whence the body is intended to be removed, and all other information required, must be stated at the time of ordering the grave. 

  8. All private graves, vaults, monuments, and grave-stones must be kept in repair by the owners thereof respectively. Notice will be sent to the representatives of the deceased in case of any repairs being required, and after six months' neglect sufficiently to repair the Trustees will cause the memorial to be removed if they think fit. 

  9. All materials, gravestones, and monuments must be conveyed into the burial ground by hand, or in carts or trucks, with wheels of not less than 4 inches tire; and any damage done to the walks or grounds by erecting tombs or monuments, or performing other works, must be repaired by and at the expense of the contractor for the work, to the satisfaction of the Trustees. 

 13. A plan of the burial ground, showing the situation of the family graves and interments, is in the care of the Sexton and Clerk, and may be seen without charge. 

 15. The person who gives the notice will have to fill up a form stating the Christian and Surname, the calling or description, and the age of the person to be buried, the date of the death, the parish, township, or place in which it occurred, the day and hours of the intended burials, and the position and quality of grave or vault required.  Copies of this form can be procured from the Sexton or Clerk to the Trustees. 

 22. A Register of the Burials will be kept by the Clerk, from whom certified extracts may be obtained. 

 23. Every person who shall wilfully destroy or injure any building, wall, or fence belonging to the Burial Ground, or destroy or injure any tree or plant therein, or who shall daub or disfigure any wall thereof, or put up any bill therein, or on any wall thereof; or wilfully destroy, injure or deface any monument, tablet, inscription, or gravestone, within the Cemetery, or do any other wilful damage therein; or play at any game or sport, or discharge fire arms (save at a military funeral) in the Cemetery, or who shall wilfully and unlawfully disturb any persons assembled in the Cemetery for the purpose of burying any body therein, is liable to forfeit for every such offence a sum not exceeding Five Pounds. 

 24. No interment will take place later than 5 o'clock p.m. between the 1st of May and the 1st of September, or later than 4 o'clock p.m. the rest of the year. 

 28. No person shall climb upon or over any gravestone, headstone, tombstone, or monument, palisading, gate wall, fence, or building belonging to the Cemetery. [MI recorders beware - no walking on the graves - Ed]. 

 31. No person shall drive, lead, or bring any horse or carriage forming part of or in connection with a funeral procession to any place further within the Cemetery than the Chapel. 

 32. No person shall bring any dog, or cause any dog to be brought within the Cemetery. [How times have changed - . Ed]. 

 33. No person shall throw into the Cemetery any waste paper, orange peel, or refuse of any kind. 

 35. No person who may be improperly dressed, or in a state of intoxication, shall be admitted within the Cemetery. 

 36. No person shall smoke, or use indecent language, or behave in an indecent manner, or shout, or sing, or whistle in a noisy or boisterous manner, or otherwise conduct himself in an indecorous manner within the Cemetery. 

Any person guilty of a breach of any of the foregoing bye-laws shall forfeit a penalty or sum of Five Pounds for each breach of any such bye-laws, provided nevertheless that the Justices or Court before who any complaint shall be made for a breach of any of these bye-laws may, if they see fit, reduce the amount of penalty herein prescribed as they may deem advisable. 

The Trustees reserve to themselves the right to make any alterations in the foregoing charges and regulations.
     By order of the Trustees

[If only some of these rules were implemented in today's world. When compared to the fees and payments listed below, a "Five Pound fine" must have been quite a large sum of money - perhaps even a month's wage. Editor]


Deed of Grant


s.  d 

   s.  d

Single interments in graves selected by the Trustees 0   5   0
Stillborn Child 0   2   6


Single grave, for purchase of, with exclusive rights of burial in, and enclosing with curbstones
1st Class 2   2   0 2   6 2   4   6
2nd Class 1   1   0 2   6 1   3   6
3rd Class 0  10   6 2   6 0  13   0
Fees for each interment including grave digger 5   0
Single grave walled, right of constructing, with exclusive right of burial in
1st Class 2  10   0 2   6 2  12   6
2nd Class 1  10   0 2   6 1  12   6
3rd Class 0  15   0 2   6 0  17   6
Fees for each interment including grave digger 5   0


Two grave spaces, exclusive rights of burial in 4   0   0 2   6 4   2   6
Three grave spaces, exclusive rights of burial in 6   0   0 2   6 6   2   6
Four grave spaces, exclusive rights of burial in 8   0   0 2   6 8   2   6
Five grave spaces, exclusive rights of burial in 10   0   0 2   6 10   2   6
Fees for each interment, including opening and replacing 0  10   6
Right to erect a headstone, not exceeding 5 ft high, in purchased ground 0   5   0
    ,,          ,,          ,,            ,,       ,,                  ,,          unpurchased 0  10   0
For removing and replacing same 0   2   6
Right to erect a tombstone or monument not exceeding 7ft by 3 ft  0  10  6
   ,,          ,,          ,,          ,,             ,,          exceeding 7ft by 3ft 1   1   0
Right to erect a coffin-shaped tomb 0  15   0
Right to enclose with palisades a space not exceeding 7ft by 3ft 0  10   6
   ,,            ,,         ,,         ,,              ,,       exceeding 7ft by 3ft 1   1   0
Right to erect a tablet in chapel, per square foo 0  10   6
For digging graves below 6ft., 1s. 3d. per foot extra
Officiating Minister, 1st Class  0   3   0
Officiating Minister, 2nd Class  0   3   0
Officiating Minister, 3rd Class 0   1   6
Extra Charge for short notice 0   4   0

The above charges apply both to Parishioners and Non-parishioners

[but yet this is not a Church Burial ground so presumably means within the civil parish of Barnoldswick - Ed].

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    The marriage indexes up to 1900 have been completed but there is a slight problem with uploading them onto the Internet.  This is being investigated and it is hoped that they will soon be available on the LancashireBMD website.  The team of volunteers involved in this work visited Burnley Register Office for the last time on 21.Jun.2005 and the Burnley Registers have now been moved to the new Lancashire Record Office at Preston. Before they were moved, however, the birth indexes up to 1900 were photocopied and a start has been made on checking them.  Some of our volunteers are going to continue with this project and will be travelling to the new office at Preston.

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   Information from Tony Foster 

The Lancashire Registration District was created on 23rd May 2005 by the merger of the following Registration Districts: 

Burnley & Pendle Lancaster
Chorley Preston & South Ribble
Fleetwood & Fylde Ribble Valley
Hyndburn & Rossendale West Lancashire

    All events registered after the above date will be registered as the Lancashire District.  For the purposes of family history research the original reference number and the 'old' district names will be retained.  It is only events registered after the 23rd May 2005 that will be registered as the registration district of Lancashire.  As registers are moved the new address will appear on the application form on the LancashireBMD website

    During the move, it is possible that there may be a delay in issuing certificates but the registration staff will endeavour to keep this to a minimum.

    The indexes & registers for Fleetwood, Fylde, Preston & Ribble Valley, Hyndburn and Burnley have been transferred there. The office opens Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4.30pm but 1st Weds of each month it is 10.30am.

The new address is:

    Lancashire Registration District, Certificate Services, Quayside Court, Chain Caul Way, Preston, PR2 2ZP Telephone 01772 326881 

    Having all the records centralised will have major implications for the checking procedures prior to adding data to the LancashireBMD website. If you live in the Preston area and wish to get involved with checking then please contact

    Directions to the New Registration Office in Preston. 

    Leave the M6 at Junction 31 and take the A59 towards Preston.  At first roundabout turn right A5085 (Blackpool Rd). Continue along Blackpool Rd for about 3.5 miles.  At junction controlled by traffic lights turn left into Pedders Lane.(Ashton Park will be on your right), Across the major junction (A583 Watery Lane/Navigation Way) on to docks. At roundabout turn right on to Navigation Way and then first right in to Chain Caul Way.  Then immediately right on to road marked private (but this sign could have changed to say Certificate Office).  The Register Office will be on your immediate right.  The final location can be seen on Multimap

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    The UKBMD website covers many of the counties in England and Wales.  LancashireBMD project is part of this.

    UKBMD has been asked to seek the opinions of its users.  If you could see birth, marriage and deaths certificates on-line, would you prefer to see the original register entries held by the local register offices, or the secondary copy held by the GRO?  You can voice your opinion via the on-line survey. 

    As many users of this site will be aware, it is possible that historic records of English and Welsh births, marriages and deaths may be made available online at some stage in the future.  This would only be possible following a change in the legislation, which currently means that information from the records held in register offices may only be released in the form of a certificate.  We know that some local registration services are considering whether it would be worthwhile scanning the original register entries and making the images available online to view and download.  A charge would be set to cover the cost of scanning and the web fees. 

    Questions asked on the Survey 

Q1 - Would you be interested in using such an online service If Yes - The locally scanned records would show the original registration, including signatures. Centrally held records may also be made available online: these would be copies of the local entries and would not include the original signatures. Which image would you prefer  a) Local original records,  b) Centrally held secondary records (GRO) 

Q2 - Which of the following charging regimes would you prefer:  a) A single charge per entry or page, e.g. 1 per page (typically showing 5 births or deaths, or 2 marriage entries),  b) A bundle charge giving access to e.g. 50 or 100 entries/pages at a sliding scale rate,  c) A combination of option a and b above 

Q3 - The work of scanning the original registers would probably take place in the main local register offices. Would you be prepared to help with this task, on an unpaid voluntary basis? 

If you have answered Yes to Q3 and would be interested in assisting with the work of scanning the registers, please select the county which you are most interested in from the list 

Q4 - On average, how many certificates do you currently purchase per year?  a) Less than 12,  b) Between 12 and 24,  c) More than 24. 

Q5 - Other comments :

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Open on Saturday - 2005

    Lancashire Record Office will open on the second Saturday of each month in addition to the usual daily opening times.   The office will open from 10.00am until 4.00pm on 

10th September 12th November
8th October 10th December

    Finding Folk, the record office catalogue of parish registers and related records is being updated.  The first part of Church registers and related resources, covering Church of England parishes,  'The Yellow Handlist'  is now on line at the R.O. website and is available in .pdf format at -

 The information about Roman Catholic and Nonconformist Register will be completed in the near future.   

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Submitted by Sheila Birkett 

Burials at St Leonard's Church, Padiham 

    Elisabeth, widow of John BARRITT, Tobacconist, Barnoldswick, 80 yrs. Old age. Died 22.Sep.1804, buried 25.Sep.1804 

    Richard son of John & Mary HOLT, Schoolmaster, Preston, 3 yrs. Worm Fever. Died 25.Dec.1808, buried 29.Dec.1808 

    Thomas HALL, Gentleman, Clitheroe, 21 yrs. Consumption. Died 9.May.1810, buried12.May.1810 

Burials at St Peter's Church, Burnley 

    Margaret Ann PARKER, Accrington, 1 yr. Buried 28.Jul.1849 

    Ann HARGREAVES, Dove Coat House, Knotty Ash, nr Liverpool, 25 yrs. Buried 7.Jun.1849. 

1871 Census - West Derby Assylum, Liverpool 

    Elizabeth A PARKER, 50 yrs, Patient (Imbecile), born Colne Elizabeth LORD, 51 yrs, Patient (Dementia), born Rawtenstall.

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Submitted by Ada Hannam 

    In 1990, I discovered the Communion Role for St. George's Presbyterian Church, Blackburn, at a car boot sale and bought it for 5. In 1991, I donated it to the Lancashire Record Office, Preston.  It is catalogued as DDX1902/1 and is available for anyone to use.  The years covered are 1872 to 1893.

    It makes interesting reading giving the names of all those who attended the Church.

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    Burnley Library is applying for a Heritage Lottery grant to undertake a project which would record the local history of the diverse ethnic minority of communities in East Lancashire.  The area's involvement in the Industrial Revolution is well documented but little is know about more recent migrations in recent times e.g. Ireland, Asia, West Indies etc.  Experiences and memories of individuals need to be recorded before they are lost forever.  The library is looking for volunteers to help with this project; the work in the main will be routine clerical but possibly it may involve recording peoples' reminiscences (don't worry, you will be trained!!!) Volunteer expenses would be covered.  The project is not due to start until Sept. 2006.  If you would like to be involved in this project contact either Diane Schofield, Assistant Librarian, Burnley Reference Library or Brenda Hustler, Branch Secretary.

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Submitted by Mary Jackson 

    Tobet Whatson, Fisherman, Wish Street, Rye. (An optimistic tall story teller?) 

    Bunhill Burial Ground, St. Lukes, London - "Uninhabited" (Did the inhabitants decided to have an away night to save the enumerator's time?)

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Submitted by Mary Jackson 

    The following Civil Registration resources are available on film at the LDS Family History Centre at Rawtenstall. 

    England and Wales - Births - 1837 (3rd Qu) to 1900; Marriages - 1837 (3rd Qu) to 1903; Deaths -1837 (3rd Qu) to 1902; 

    Scotland - Births - 1855 to 1901; Marriages - 1855 to 1901; 

    Ireland - Births - 1864 to 1921; Marriages 1845; Deaths 1864 to 1921 

    Irish Republic - Marriages 1933 to 1937 

    Northern Ireland - Marriages 1922 to 1929, & 1957 to 1959

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    RootsWeb Mailing lists. - 

    RootsWeb mailing lists cover most of the counties in the UK and there are also International lists. Some lists cover more specific areas of counties. 

    Lancsgen and Eng-Manchester are just a couple of those which cover our area and they are supervised (run) by Lynn Klein, one of our overseas branch members. 

    Yorkshire has Yorksgen and WestRiding amongst others. 

    A full list of the counties covered can be found on the website. Members of Rootsweb mailing lists post queries to the list and the other members help to solve their problems and can help break down those long-standing brick walls.  They are a very useful source of help.

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    When the last issue of 'The Gazette' was posted out, several messages "bounced" and were returned as undeliverable.  If you have changed your e-mail address, please inform the branch secretary.

    This also applies to members who have their research interests posted on the branch website.

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Items for publication should be sent to the Acting Editor - , 49 Stone Edge Road, Barrowford, Nelson Lancashire BB9 6BB

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    Job Description - NEWSLETTER EDITOR 

The purpose of the newsletter is - 

    a) To report the proceedings of the committee meetings to the Branch Members to keep them informed of decisions made on their behalf. 

    b) To update the Branch Members on items relating to family history within the Branch, the Society and nationally. 

    The newsletter is published 4 times per year. Each issue is printed on paper, published on our website and emailed as an attachment to suit the preferences of the recipients.  The contents of the Newsletter rely to a large extent on the Editor who uses the Minutes of the Committee Meetings, recorded by the Minutes Secretary, as a source of information for the newsletter.  Members are encouraged to submit articles for publication and any submissions are attributed to the member who has submitted them.  Research queries, from members outside the area, are usually sent to the Secretary who prepares a list of them for the newsletter.  Since the newsletter is published only quarterly, as queries are received, the Webmaster puts them onto the Message Board of the Branch Website. When the newsletter is due for publication, all queries are transferred from the Message Board to the Newsletter. 

The Editor is required to

    Attend Branch committee meetings (held 4 times a year).

    Attend Branch monthly meetings if possible.

    Have a computer or access to a computer.

    Have access to e-mail, (preferable but not essential, but it makes life a lot easier if the editor can be contacted by e-mail.)

    Prepare a script, preferably as an MS Word document, (it is easier to convert to HTML for web publication and to prepare as an e-mail attachment.)

    When finalised and prior to printing, send an electronic copy (email or floppy disk) to the Webmaster and secretary for the website and email.

    Print and assemble the newsletter using the Branch Computer and Printer, (staple pages together if more than one page).  Our Branch computer is a PC located at Colne Library, running Windows 98, MS Office 2000 and equipped with a HP Deskjet colour printer, a HP Laserjet printer and an Agfa scanner.  Other than at Branch meetings, it is only accessible for use by the goodwill of the library staff.  The room is usually available from about 2pm - 5pm on Monday afternoons, but a check should be made with Mrs Bradley, the Reference Librarian.  The Library is open until 7pm on Monday and Wednesday and the room is probably free after 4:30pm on Wednesday only.

    Prepare and despatch newsletters by post to those requiring this method, (a database of names and addresses is available to produce labels.)  At present circa 40-50 copies.

    Prepare newsletters for collection at Branch Meetings by members who have requested this method. These are labelled with the member's name so that we know who has and who hasn't got their newsletter. At present circa 50-60 copies. 

In total, about 120 copies of the newsletter are printed. 

A team of volunteers helps to sort, staple and prepare the newsletters for distribution.

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LFH&HS Pendle and Burnley Branch 2005