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Saturday 17th November 2007 10 am to 3.30 pm Burnley Central Library

    The branch "Open Day" will be held at Burnley Central Library this year, for the first time in many years.  It will be in the main part of the library with the use of computers, but there will also be the use of all the resources in the basement local studies area.  It is hoped that we will be able to set up an exhibition prior to the event, but this will depend on the space that is available.  Our open days are usually very busy events, with members of the public wanting advice on family history research.  Can you help out at the event, even for just an hour or so?  You will enjoy it.  Please let Jean know if you would be able to help.  A volunteer is worth ten pressed men, so the saying goes.


     The Society's Annual Dinner has been organized by Hyndburn Branch for Friday, 5th October 2007 at Harwoods, 244 Blackburn Road, Great Harwood.  Assemble at 7 pm for 7.30 start.  The speaker will be Joanne Braithwaite, whose talk is entitled "Scullery Maid".

    Details of the menu and a booking form for the event will be in the August edition of "Lancashire", the Society's journal.  Why not join other members of the Society at a social event?  You will more than likely enjoy yourself and it could then become a habit.

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    A lot of work has taken place at the Straits over the past year - those of you who have not been for some time will hardly recognize the place now.  The downstairs meeting room has been done up and the Society's library books are now housed there, as are the exchange journals from other family history societies.  A lot of work still has to be done, in other parts of the building - the kitchen needs some major building work doing on it.  Planning of the upstairs rooms, which will be used for the administration of the Society, is ongoing.  We are getting there, slowly but surely.  It is hoped that all members of the Society will support the resource centre when it becomes operational and that all branches of the Society will make their branch projects and databases available for use at the Straits Resource Centre.  Some branches, including our own, have already agreed to do this.

    There is, however, something that members of the Straits Group, who are organizing the resource centre, need to know:


    Members of our branch committee are going to visit the Straits at the end of July and it is hoped to arrange an extra out-visit for members of the branch who would like to go and see the place.

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    For those of you who did not attend the Society AGM in May, the "Way Forward" proposals were accepted by the Society and are due to be implemented.  At the Executive Committee Meeting in June, there were volunteers for five of the six Group Leader posts and these were therefore appointed (see the LFHHS NEWS on page 5).  This management team were due to meet before the end of June to thrash out their respective terms of reference, but so far this meeting has not taken place and is now scheduled for September.

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    The Programme of Events for the coming meetings is shown below and can also be viewed on this website 

   15.August Through Glass Brightly - Margaret Curry.
   29.August Open Night & Practical Evening.
   19.September Archivist from Lancashire Record Office.
   17.October Local Collections at Towneley - Mike Townsend.
   31.October Practical Evening.
   21.November Buildings of Old Colne - Darran Ward.
   12.December A Weavers Lot - the Christmas Meeting, including mince pies,
  cakes and drinks. (by ticket only)

Jean Ingham, Acting Programme Secretary.

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    A copy of the Birth Certificate for Leonard HIITCHEN, born 28th March 1904, son of Arthur HITCHEN, Cotton Twister, and Laura formerly HOPWOOD, of 11 Keppel Street, Burnley, has been donated by Alan LAY, one of our branch members.

    Over the past few months it has been found that many of the branch microfiche in the cabinet have been filed in wrong places.  The microfiche cabinet is now kept locked and there is a notice on the top two drawers stating that only ONE fiche may be removed at any one time and must be replaced by one of the four numbered fiche markers.  Please remember that a misplaced fiche is a lost fiche.  The cabinet will be open as usual on meeting nights for members to do research.

    Christine Bradley, the reference librarian at Colne is proposing to move some or all of our library books from their present position to the opposite side of the library, by the side of the Heritage Corner.

Margaret Heap, Branch Librarian.

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    The transcription of the Death indexes is now complete and a start has been made on the Non-Conformist Marriage indexes 1900 to 1950.  Photocopying will now commence on the Church of England marriage indexes.  All the Barnoldswick Deaths and over half of the Burnley area Deaths are now on the Internet.  The team at Preston are very pleased to have been joined by two new volunteers so this should hopefully speed up the process as well as trying to visit every week. 

    A big thank-you to all involved in this project

Christine Windle, Lancashire BMD Project Coordinator

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    Work continues on the Memorial Inscriptions at Burnley Cemetery and Nelson Walton Lane Cemetery when the weather permits.  Transcriptions of the registers for St Mary's, Newchurch-in-Pendle, the Burial Registers, Grave Books and Receipt Books for St John's, Great Marsden, the baptisms for Holy Trinity, Burnley and converting the Memorial Inscriptions in the big green books into databases for the branch computer is in progress.

    Thanks go to all those working on these projects.  If you would like to help out, please contact me.

 Bob Ellis, Project Coordinator

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     Workshop - Advice & Research Session.
     Saturday 11th August 2007, 1pm to 4.30pm
     at The Resource Centre, 2 The Straits, Oswaldtwistle

     County Hall, Fishergate, Preston  PR1 8xJ
     Saturday, 13th October 10.30am to 4.30pm .. NOW SATURDAY, 6th OCTOBER

John Mackie - Ulster King of Arms & Irish Heraldry
Michael Parker - Mothers and Fathers in Modern Irish Literature
John Dunleavy - Irish Community as Reflected in Three Illuminated Addresses in Haslingden.

Conference Fee 7.00 including tea/coffee, (bring your own packed lunch).
Parking available at County Hall car park (Arthur Street) 2.00 for the day

Enquiries to , 128 Red Bank Rd, Bispham, Blackpool, Lancashire FY2 9DZ

    The Floral Hall, Southport, PR9 0DZ
    Saturday 25th August 2007, 10am to 4pm
    Admission 2 (accompanied children under 16 free)
    Free Lectures

    Llandudno - Conference Centre
    Saturday 1st September 2007, 10am to 4.30pm

    Gateshead International Stadium
    Saturday 8th September 2007, 10am to 4.30pm
    Admission 3.00, accompanied Children under 15 free

    The Milton Rooms, Malton, North Yorkshire
    Saturday 15th September 2007, 10am to 4pm
    Admission Free

    St Cuthbert's Church Hall
    (situated in between the Church & The Hesketh Arms in Churchtown)
    Saturday 29th September 2007

    Princess Royal Stand Exhibition Suite, Ormskirk Road Aintree L9 5AS
    Sunday 30th September 2007 10 am to 5 pm
    Admission 2 (accompanied children under 16 free)

    Scarborough Spa Complex
    Saturday 17th November 2007

    Staff House, Hull University, Cottingham Rd, Hull
    Saturday 24th November 2007 10 am to 4 pm
    Admission Free

    Wentworth Leisure Centre, Hexham
    Saturday 1st December 2007 10 am to 4 pm
    Admission 2, (accompanied children under 16, free)

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Submitted by Brenda I Hustler

    Have you lost track of one or more of your male ancestors?  If so, have you considered that they might have enlisted in the army or navy?

    About five years ago, whilst searching for my ancestors, I found that my great great grandfather, Thomas NEALE, was listed as a Chelsea Pensioner in the 1851, 1861 and 1871 census for Doncaster.  I also found, from the census records that he was born in Farnborough, Warwickshire.  On his daughter's marriage certificate (my great grandmother) he is listed as a Retired Sergeant.  Through a contact in Doncaster Family History Society, I found that there was a memorial inscription on his grave which read " Thomas Neale, late Serjeant of the 37th Regiment of foot."  

    I then searched on the National Archives (TNA) website and found the following reference.

Royal Hospital Chelsea: Soldiers Service Documents WO 97/541/5 Thomas NEALE, born Farnborough, Warwickshire, served in 37th Foot Regiment.  Discharged aged 44.  Date range 1826 - 1849  Open Document, Open Description, Normal Closure before FOI Act:30 years.  Held at the National Archives, Kew.

    On a visit to Kew a couple of years ago, I did a search for the document on microfilm, and found more information, but not a lot more. 

    At the time of the initial search on the TNA website, I also investigated how many men from the area covered by Pendle and Burnley branch were also listed in the Chelsea Pensioners documents.  There were over 230 listed between the years 1800 to 1860. 

    A few weeks ago I was contacted by Bill Taylor, a friend from Blackburn branch, who was asking if I could find anything about William ROBINSON, born in Barley, the son of John ROBINSON, a pensioner.  Bill was also trying to find out about John ROBINSON, and it was then I remembered my list of local men who were on the Chelsea Pensioners list.  I looked at the file and found John ROBINSON listed.

Royal Hospital Chelsea: Soldiers Service Documents WO 97/1259/59 John ROBINSON, born Roughlee, Lancashire, served in Royal Artillery, Discharged aged 47.  Date range 1808 - 1831.

    I sent this information off to Bill in the hope that it might help in his research.  It did.  Information was obtained from the National Archives at Kew and Bill has sent it to be published in the Gazette, as it may be useful to someone in our branch.

JOHN ROBINSON, Third Battalion of H.M.Royal Regiment of Artillery as a gunner & driver.  Born in Roughlee near Burnley, Lancashire.  Trade - a Weaver.  Attested for the Royal Artillery at Burnley on 2.Nov.1808, age 24 years.  Served for 23 years and 92 days until 31.Dec.1831.  Served 2 years 3 mths in PENINSULA - present at siege and storming of Badajiz (Badajoz) (Spain).  (PENINSULA WAR against Napoleon 1808-1814 - Portugal/Spain/Sth France under Wellington).  Served 2 years 6mths in Mediterranean/Corfu.  Served remainder of time at Home.

Character:- General conduct has been Exemplary.  Disability:-Chronic Rheumatism, so discharged. "John Robinson has been under treatment for the above complaint since October last, and still remains in hospital.  He has improved but little, appears very weakly, and although he has served only 23 years, appears quite worn out.  The Board are therefore of the opinion that he is permanently unfit for Military Service, but that he is able to contribute something towards his livelihood"  Medical Board 15.Dec.1831

OPINION - "After treatment of a considerable period in the Royal Ordnance Hospital, I am of the opinion that John Robinson is unfit for service, and likely to be permanently disqualified for Military Duty"

Awarded Pension of one shilling and one pence per day - starting 1.Jan.1832. 

Description at Discharge - 47 years, 5 foot 10 inches. Light Hair, Grey Eyes, Fresh Complexion.  Trade - Weaver.

    Bill has found that John ROBINSON's parents are possibly James ROBINSON b.1756, d.30.Nov.1835, aged 79 - a Yeoman - Married to Jane b.1755, bur.1825, aged 70 - Pendle House, (Barley).  James & Jane's children -
    Elizabeth (Betty) bap.1779, married John Hartley in 1801.
    Sarah b.Pendle House, bap.1782, married James Hartley - had a grandson called Robinson b.1837.
    John bap.1786, bur. 2.Jan.1853, aged 66 years, married Elizabeth (Betty) Dixon 10.May.1804.

    John & Betty's Children - James 1805, Robert 1809, William 1815, Anne 1826, Priscilla 1829 - other?
    James jnr from Pendle House married Elizabeth.
      Children - John 1823, James 1824-25, James 1826-37 - other?

    Robert b.1809, bap.2.Jan.1831, aged 21, d.1858 married Ellen b.1813, d.1879.
      Their children - Mary 1833, Margaret 1834, Betty 1836, Rose 1838, Ann 1842, John 1845, James 1847, Dixon 1849, Robert 1850, Ellen H. 1855

    William b.1815, bap.29.Nov.1835, aged 20, married Margaret Bolton 1839 Colne.
      William & Margaret's Children - Bolton 1840, Elizabeth D 1842, George 1844, Thomas 1847, Alfred William 1850, James 1854, Edwin 1857.

    Anne b.1826, bap.1.May.1836

    Priscilla b.1829, bap.1.May.1836.

    Whilst transcribing the marriage registers for Newchurch in Pendle, I came across another entry relating to a soldier. The entry was as follows

Entry No 88, 18.Jun.1816, Benjamin (X), HEYWORTH, of this Chapelry, Mason?, Jane (X), HARTLEY, of this Chapelry, w, Married by Banns, Minister Jno Whitaker, Witnesses James BOWKER, John KNOWLES,

    In the register adjacent to the entry, the following note had been written. "Benj'm entered the army: Jane re-married Peter EASTWOOD 1829; but on Benj'm return in 1830, she again joined him".

    There was, indeed, an entry for the marriage of Jane HEYWORTH to Peter EASTWOOD

Entry No 100, 7.Sep.1829, Peter (X), EASTWOOD, w, Sabden-fold, of this Chapelry Jane (X), HEYWORTH, w, Sabden-fold, of this Chapelry, Married by Banns, Minister John Rushton, Witnesses William ALTHAM, William HORNE

    A note at the side of this entry read - The bride Jane's husband returned from the army in 1830.  I checked on the National Archives website to see if Benjamin was also a Chelsea Pensioner, but there was no mention of him.  There were, however, three other entries relating to Benjamin HEYWORTH, but these were Quarter Sessions documents held at Lancashire Record Office and are Order of Removal notices.

Preston, Easter 1819 - Barley Booth to Goldshaw Booth. Order of removal of Benjamin Heyworth, Jane his wife and Hartley and John their children - ref. QSP/2749/43 - date: 6.Mar.1819.

Preston, Easter 1819 - Barley Booth and Goldshaw Booth. Instructions for motion for respite of appeal against order of removal of Benjamin Heyworth and family - ref. QSP/2749/16 - date: c.1819.

Preston, Midsummer 1819 - Barley Booth to Goldshaw Booth. Order of removal of Benjamin Heyworth, Jane his wife and Hartley and John their children - ref. QSP/2753/50 - date: 6.Mar.1819.

    So, the question arises, did Benjamin HEYWORTH abandon his wife and family and go off and join the army?  Or did he join the army to provide support for his family?  If it is the former, then Jane must have felt free to marry again.  If it is the latter, then she knowingly committed bigamy.  In both the marriage entries, she is listed as a widow, so maybe there was another husband lurking in the background.

    So if you have Benjamin & Jane HEYWORTH in your family tree, then, courtesy of the Rev.John RUSHTON, Curate and Incumbent at St.Mary's Church, Newchurch-in-Pendle, 1825 to 1943, who made the notes in the register and told it as it was, you have found your "Skeleton in the Cupboard."

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Submitted by Christine Haworth

This is an amended extract from 'Lancashire' Magazine, February 1994

    Some members have had problems with research in this area due to a lack of a little local historical knowledge.  Some of the following subjects have been covered in greater detail in the Journal several years ago but new members may find this brief information useful.

    This area, that is roughly the present day town of Nelson was, until the late 1800s, called Great Marsden and was in the Chapelry of Colne.  The church of St.John the Evangelist, Great Marsden was built in 1848 on Barkerhouse Road, and until the mid 1890s, its parish extended as far as the Knotts Lane/Lenches area of Colne.  Therefore, the marriage of anyone living in this area of Colne may have taken place at St.John's.

    The area, that is roughly the present day Brierfield was formerly called Little Marsden.  St.Paul's Church, Little Marsden was formerly a chapel of ease in the Chapelry of Colne, the registers starting in 1813.  The church is situated on Halifax Road, Nelson, near the old community of Little Marsden.  The present day town centre developed about one and a half miles away in the late 1800s.  Numerous places of worship were built along the mile stretch of the main road and so Brierfield became known locally as The Holy City.

    This church was built in 1574 to serve the areas of Goldshaw Booth, Barley, Wheatley Booth, Roughlee and Old Laund Booth.

    When the parish register of St.Mary's, Newchurch in Pendle refers to Sabden, it is referring to a hamlet about one mile south west of the church now called Sabden Fold.

    The present day village of Sabden, at the foot of the road over the Nick of Pendle, developed at a place formerly called Sabden Bridge and is in the parish of St.Nicholas, Heyhouses.  This church was built in 1841 just east of the village of Sabden.  Heyhouses was formerly an Extra-parochial Place.

    The civil parish of Burnley was much smaller than the town we think of as Burnley.  The large area of town south of the River Calder which flows through the centre of the town, was in the parish of Habergham Eaves and appears on the 19th century census returns under that heading.  There was no church in Habergham Eaves until 1837 when Holy Trinity Church was built on Accrington Road.  All Saints, Habergham on Padiham Road, was built in 1845.  The inhabitants of Habergham Eaves had previously used the churches at Burnley and Padiham.

    This area of Lancashire was in the Archdeaconry of Chester and so wills proved before 1858 would normally be found at the Lancashire County Record Office at Preston.  Many wills, however, from this area, were proved at York and can be found at Borthwick Institute in York.

    This phrase can be found in wills until 1858.  The ancient manor included the areas around Padiham, Burnley, Pendle and Little Marsden.  The Ancient Manor of Colne covered the areas around Colne, Foulridge and Great Marsden.

    These areas to the north and west of Burnley were formerly in the Castle Parish of Clitheroe until about 1860.  Baptisms and burials took place at Burnley or Padiham churches but to be married the inhabitants had to make the long journey to St.Mary Magdalene's at Clitheroe.  Extracted details of these marriages can be found in our branch library.  There were also a few marriages, which took place at St.Mary's, Newchurch in Pendle.  The area covered by Reedley Hallows and Ightenhill Park has decreased over the years, as parts have been incorporated into the towns of Burnley and Padiham.  The Burnley/Reedley boundary was at Duke Bar and then at Queensgate before being moved to the present place (near the Oaks Hotel).

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Submitted by Margaret Heap

From the Colne Times September 11th 1903

Foulridge - The Drowning Mystery
    Last Friday afternoon, Mr H J Robinson, Coroner, held an inquest at "The Hole in the Wall Inn" touching the death of the man, who was found drowned the previous day and description of whom was given in our last issue.  A verdict of "Found Drowned" was returned.  The body was interred in Colne cemetery on Saturday afternoon, still unidentified, but prior to interment, the police took a portrait of the deceased, in the hope that it will lead to his identification.

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    On July 2nd, a new series from Channel 4 began.  Empire's Children follows six celebrities including Diana Rigg, Lord David Steel and Chris Bisson as they trace their family roots across the world.  Channel 4 have developed a website to accompany the series.  At you can publish your own family history as it relates to the empire.  The aim of the website is to form a personal history of the Empire through the stories of people who experienced it first hand, their relations and descendants.  It is a simple process to upload a story and you can contribute stories from any of the 'empire countries'.  You can view example stories already on the site for inspiration.  If you think your story is too small, it is still just as important - all stories, be they one chapter or one hundred chapters, are equally important.  The more stories that are uploaded, the more complete the history of the empire will be.  As a family historian, I am sure you can appreciate the uniqueness and the importance of this resource, and I hope you will be able to contribute your story.

    To accompany the series, Harper Press are publishing Empire's Children: Trace Your Family History Across the World by Anton Gill.  You can win your own signed copy of the book if you are one of the ten best Empire Stories submitted to Empire's Children before 1st August, 2007.

    To enter the competition, register on the 'Empire's Children' website and submit your Empire Story.  Then, email with a link to your story, your display name and postal address.

Maggie Loughran, Administrator, Federation of F H S

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    The Publications business of the FFHS is being closed.  There are various plans for the individual sections of Publications, like Genfair, NBI and FamilyHistoryonLine to continue to operate, albeit under different ownership/ partnership/ licence agreement or whatever.  Books, however, are being closed and the Bury offices shut down.  There is no deadline for the latter at present.  There are two objectives for the books.  One is to convert them into cash as best we can before the Bury office is closed, and then the remaining books will be pulped.  Secondly, the FFHS wants FH Societies to try to do what the Federation can no longer do and stockpile these books for future use within the family history world for several years to come.  At the York FH Fair, it was announced to the Family History Societies that there would be a substantial discount on books to the societies.  It is hoped that this will encourage the Societies to buy in now, those titles they feel will continue to be required by family historians in the future, and so they will not be lost forever.  Alongside this, the FFHS is making a major push to sell to the general public via Genfair at up to 50% discount, but when the publication business closes, the discount to the public will cease.  This will only apply to FFHS Publications

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Lancaster & Morecambe Branch now has its own web site at


Chairman's Summary,  Summer 2007

    Welcome to this Chairman's Summary, I am now into my second year as Chairman (where does the time go), and the AGM has decided I can carry on.  Leading up to the AGM I was greatly encouraged by the very positive response I got from Society members to the "Way Forward" proposals, in a number of cases Branches gave me and the proposals their unanimous support.  They went forward to the AGM and after a presentation by myself; and a number of questions, they were accepted by the Society and are going forward.  At the Executive meeting in June five of the six Group Leaders were appointed.  We are going forward.

    At the last Executive Meeting on the 11th June 2007, the following items were agreed and/or reported upon:-

    The Executive appointed a new Minute secretary to replace Rita Hirst; who has stepped down, after many years of service to the Society, these last few years as Minute Secretary.  As Chairman I take this opportunity to thank Rita for all she has done for the Society.  Also to welcome Sheila Court, who is taking over as Minute Secretary for both the Executive Committee and the Management Team.

    It was decided that only the Management Team, would take minutes, which would be brought to the Executive as the six teams would not, hopefully be spending much team having meetings, but would get on with the tasks that the Management Team will give them.

    We hopefully will soon be able to sign the new lease agreement for the Straits; we are just waiting for the Landlords to sign.

    It was decided to look into putting past Journals onto CD's, as this would give Society members a marvellous reference tool.

    The following people were appointed to the Management Team.
    a. Treasury Team - Stephen Benson
    b. Membership Services - David Burgess
    c. Resources - Tony Foster
    d. Publicity - Steve Williams
    e. Projects & Publications - Derrick Walkden
    f. Training & Education - Still to be appointed

    I would like to bring to the attention of all Society Members, that the Society Annual Dinner will be held on 5th October 2007 at Harwood's Rest, Great Harwood.  I hope to meet a good number of Society Members at this event.  As you can see we are still looking for a person to Head up the Training & Education Team, if any one is interested in taking on this challenging role, then please contact me by email on:

    I will be having a quiet time over summer, but I will be starting to visit branches again in September.  Come and speak to me, I'm not that scary.  I want your input and ideas, as I know that many of the best ideas come from people other than Executive Members.  We sometimes cannot see the wood for the trees.

    Thanking you all for your continued interest in both Family history and the Society.

    You're Chairman Stephen John Ward.

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SATURDAY OPENING DATES for 2007 - The office will open from 10am until 4pm

11th August 8th September 13th October
10th November 8th December  


LANCAT - The Lancashire Record Office online catalogue is now available at ..


DDX 2597
    Farming account books of Robert WHIPP, James SPEAK and Thomas WHIPP, all of Twiston, 1769-1829

DDX 2116/acc 10099
    Further records relating to Wallace Hartley of Colne (bandmaster on RMS Titanic), c 2007;
    Photograph of a poster of the RMS Titanic Orchestra with a picture inset of Wallace Hartley;
    Press release article about Wallace Hartley, written by Robert McDougall, c.1998;
    Photocopy of a news cutting concerning the death of Wallace Hartley's father, dated 1934;
    Photograph of Robert McDougall biographer, holding a silver cigarette case "WH" monogrammed recovered from the Titanic bandmasters body (5 items)

MCO 7/acc 10082/1
    Primet Bridge (Primitive Methodist) Chapel, Colne - Treasurers and Chapel Committee Minute Book, 1900-1974

DDX 2315
    Abstract of title of Thomas Clayton (of Carr hall, Nelson) to Wilkinson's Farm, Barley, and other property including Bankhey, Little Harwood, 1841

    Brunlea Special School, Burnley (later Primrose Hill School): admission registers 1937-2003, summary attendance register 1956-1961, merit list 1974-1986, incident book 1994-2005

SML 23
    Nelson Open Air School (later Hendon Brook School): admission registers 1930-1989; log book 1984-1987

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    It has been decided to suspend the monthly Wednesday morning help desk sessions, until later in the year.  These have been held once a month at Colne Library and have been very busy at times.  When we commence the sessions again, we will need volunteers to help out with queries.  Last month there were only three helpers and they were each kept busy all morning.  Why not do your bit to promote the branch and the society by coming to help out.

    The help desk will be held on the fourth Wednesday of the month from 10 am to 12 noon and will be open to the general public.  Volunteers to man the help desk should give their names to Jean Ingham so that she can formalise a team of helpers for later in the year.

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UKBMD 10 Downing Street, Electronic Petition

    You will be aware of the excellent work done on local BMD sites under the UKBMD umbrella, for example, see   An electronic petition on 10 Downing Street has been raised to get support to mandate other areas to do the same.  Please sign the petition by going to this website:

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Connections with the Inghamites and
other Baptist connections

Rex Watson


Rex Watson, one of our branch members, has published a booklet on the origins of Haggate Baptist Chapel.  Considerable 'folklore' has perhaps grown up around the origins of the church. 

This publication attempts to assess the previously accepted version, presents some new primary evidence, and looks in depth at connections with the Inghamites, also with the relatively obscure Sandemanians (of Scottish origin).  A database of people, involved in the second half of the 18th century, may particularly be of interest to family historians.

It is generally available for purchase at Burnley Library,  Pendle Heritage Centre, and locally in Briercliffe from John Bentley, (he is involved with the Briercliffe Society and the church itself) at a cost of 3. 

Alternatively it can be purchased directly from Rex WATSON, 29 Woodland Road, SAWSTON, CAMBRIDGE, CB22 3DT at a cost of 3.50 to include postage & packing.  Payment by cheque please.



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    If you have, send me an e-mail with a subject line of "e-mail address confirmation" and just put you name in the body of the message.  Send it to


When the last issue of 'The Gazette' was posted out by e-mail, several messages "bounced" and were returned as undeliverable.  If you have changed your e-mail address, please inform me.

    If you have your research interests posted on the branch website please check that you have the correct address listed (try sending an e-mail to the address on the list).  The research names of a few members have had to be removed from the members' interests pages on the website, because their e-mail address are 'bouncing'.  If your interests are not on the website and you think they should be, is it because you have changed your e-mail address without telling me ?

Brenda I Hustler, Branch Secretary

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    Items for publication should be sent to the Acting Editor - , 49 Stone Edge Road, Barrowford, Nelson Lancashire BB9 6BB

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2007 LFH&HS Pendle and Burnley Branch