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OPEN AFTERNOONS will be held on



    Over the past several months considerable amount of work has taken place at the Society's Resource Centre and prior to the formal opening we would like to give members the opportunity to view the premises.

The following is a link for a map of the area:

Tony Foster


These will be similar to last year.  We will have a speaker followed by cake and mince pies and a drink. Tickets are £3 each and these will be on sale at the October and November meetings. 

    Although it's a little early we wish -


Saturday 17th November 2007, 10am to 3.30pm, Burnley Central Library

    The branch "Open Day" will be held at Burnley Central Library this year; the first time in many years.  It will be in the main part of the library with the use of computers, but there will also be the use of all the resources in the basement local studies area.  It is hoped that we will be able to set up an exhibition prior to the event, but this will depend on the space that is available.

    Our open days are usually very busy events with members of the public wanting advice on family history research.  Can you help out at the event, even for just an hour or so?  You will enjoy it.  Please let Jean know if you would be able to help


    Binders for your 'Lancashire' journal are on sale only £3.50 each.  See David Hustler

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    The tea / coffee and biscuits at our branch meetings are an enjoyable part of the evening, but there is a snag.  The cups need to be collected and washed up afterwards.  Being inert objects, they cannot be trained to do it themselves and unlike pigeons, they don't have a homing instinct.  So we need volunteers to collect them, wash them up and put them away.

    Christine Windle has volunteered to do the brewing up before hand, but we must have someone to do the afterwards bit. It's not an onerous task and only takes about 10 minutes if two or three volunteer to do it.  It has been suggested that perhaps we could have a rota system where members take turns to do the job.  Another suggestion has been to mark three or four chairs and whoever sits on them at the meeting, does the washing up.  So come on, do your bit to help at the branch meetings.

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    The Programme of Events for the coming meetings is shown below and can also be viewed on this website 

 •  31.October Practical Evening.
 •  21.November Buildings of Old Colne - Darran Ward.
 •  12.December A Weavers Lot - the Christmas Meeting, including mince pies,
  cakes and drinks. (by ticket only)

Jean Ingham, Acting Programme Secretary.

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MISSING BOOK - LPRS Vol 154, St.Mary's, Newchurch in Pendle.
    This book has been missing for several weeks. There is a notice on the shelf asking for the person who has taken it to contact me but it seems that it has been taken without consent, despite having an official library security tag. If you have borrowed this book without booking it out in the loans book, please return it, immediately.


398 The Formation of Haggate Baptist Chapel (soft back - kept in box file)
399 Guide to Lancashire Record Office
400 Guide to Lancashire Record Office Supplement 1977-1989
401 LPRS Vol. 165, Heywood Vol II 1813-1837, Oldham 1830-1837
 & 407
MIs from the big green books have now been issued as individual volumes;
    (they are soft backs and are kept in box files)
406 MIs - Whalley, St Mary & All Saints
408 MIs - Earby Cemetery (Wheatlands)
409 Looking for Peter Birtwistle (Donated by Timothy J Crossley - author)
410 Glen Mills - A Century of Change - Robert L Abel

Margaret Heap, Branch Librarian.

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    The transcription of the Burnley Death indexes up to 1900 is now complete and those for 1879 to 1890 are now online.  Work has begun on Colne Death indexes.  Thank-you to all involved in this project.  Bob Abel will come to the October Practical Evening to talk about his role in the LancashireBMD project.

Christine Windle, Lancashire BMD Project Coordinator

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    Work continues on the Memorial Inscriptions at Burnley Cemetery and Nelson Walton Lane Cemetery when the weather permits.  Transcriptions of the registers for St Mary's, Newchurch-in-Pendle, the Burial Registers, Grave Books and Receipt Books for St John's, Great Marsden, the baptisms for Holy Trinity, Burnley and Baptisms for St Mary's, Nelson continues.  Thanks go to all those working on these projects.  Will anyone interested in working on branch projects, please contact me

 Bob Ellis, Project Coordinator

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     Workshop - Advice & Research Session.
     Saturday 1st December 2007, 1pm to 4.30pm
     at The Resource Centre, Oswaldtwistle

Enquiries to , 128 Red Bank Rd, Bispham, Blackpool, Lancashire FY2 9DZ


     Scarborough Spa Complex
     Saturday 17th November 2007 


    Staff House, Hull University, Cottingham Rd, Hull
    Saturday 24th November 2007 10 am to 4 pm
    Admission Free

    Wentworth Leisure Centre, Hexham
    Saturday 1st December 2007 10 am to 4 pm
    Admission £2, (accompanied children under 16, free)


    Kings Hall & Winter Gardens, Station Road, Ilkley
    (opposite Bus & Train station)
    Sunday 13th January 2008 10am to 4pm
    Admissions £2.50 Adults, £2 Concessions (accompanied children free)

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    Ian Spensley, of the Yorkshire Dales Mining Museum at the Old Grammar School in Earby, has fully transcribed and indexed by surname both the 1851 and 1871 censuses for the ancient parish of Thornton-in-Craven, which includes Thornton itself with Earby, Kelbrook and Harden.  Ian says that the mines museum has had a lot of help from local people over the years and he would like to put something back by making these transcripts available at the museum for people to use.

    Copies of the transcripts are available to view at the museum on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, from the end of March until the end of October, between 11 am and 5pm.  There will probably be some opening times during the winter months but please check the web site before you set out ..

    So why not do some family history research over a cuppa in the museum tea room or even have a look at this excellent museum which houses the largest collection of Yorkshire Dales mining relics in the world.

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Saturday opening dates - Office open from 10 am. to 4 pm

   2007 10 November  8 December   
   2008 12 January  9 February  8 March
  12 April 10 May 14 June
  12 July  9 August 13 September
  11 October  8 November 13 December

LANCAT - Lancashire RO online catalogue is now available at ..

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Submitted by Rev.David Wiseman

    Members may remember my tale, reported in the June 2006 edition of the Gazette, of my two great great uncles, Richard and Simon, from Burnley, who were transported to Australia for stealing various fairly trivial things, including a hat!   They both were sentenced to ten years "beyond the seas", one to Sydney and the other to Van Diemen's Land. Neither returned to England or Burnley and they both served their sentence, got married and made a decent living for themselves.

    Unknown to me, our Lancashire Society has a reciprocal arrangement with the Australian magazine "Family Tree Connections". And on reading my article, they kindly asked my permission to reprint it in Australia, which naturally I gave them, and in November last year, the article was printed.  I had gone international!   In July, this year, I had an e-mail from a man called Bill Wilson, saying that he was the great great grandson of one of the convicts, Richard Taylor, of Burnley 1840.  It was "Wow!" time - or as my daughter would say "BIG WOW!"

  When the brothers were sentenced, they began 19 years of correspondence(1840-1859) with my great great grandmother, their sister, Thomasina Wiseman (the family lived on Hill Top in Burnley, near the Star Inn).  She was, I imagine, the only member of the family who could read and write.  Over the years, she kept their letters (over forty of them) and later handed them down to her son George Wiseman, who passed them on to his son, Joseph Wiseman (my granddad!).  We came across them in 1954 when granddad died.

    In the 1960's, we deposited the letters in the County Records Office in Preston, and there they remain.  Numerous authors have used and quoted them over the years, in books published across the world.  Since 1859, no news came back to Lancashire from either family, until last month!!   And now, thanks to our magazine, and that in Australia, new relatives have been discovered, and new bonds forged across the world!

    I have read other stories of re-united families and been thrilled by them.  But now it has happened to our family, I wanted to share my joy and express thanks to those who unknowingly, in printing our magazines, helped to bring our ex-Burnley families back together.  There are dozens of people in England and Australia whose lives have been changed - thanks to you.  Just as the lives of that family on Hill Top in Burnley were changed forever when their brothers were transported in 1840.  With my appreciation of those who print our magazines.

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Extract from The Times, 5th November 1791 .. Theft from the post

    About three weeks since three bills were taken out of some letters put into the Post-office at Colne in Lancashire, two of which have been negotiated at Birmingham, one at the Bank and the other at a Woollen-draper's.  Diligent search is making for the offenders, as it appears that notes have been taken out of two other letters at the same office.

Extract from The Times, Monday 27th March 1826 .. Distress in the cotton weaving industry

    A correspondent from Barrowford, near Colne has written to us respecting the distress prevalent in that part of the country.  He says, "Two-thirds of the weavers are out of employment and one half of those who are in work, earn only 1s 3d per week; the remaining part get about 2s 6d per week each: this state of things prevails for a circuit of several miles round this place.  Mr Ormrod, Mr Hartley, Mr Baldwin and Mr Bury, have withdrawn from the trade.  Mr Bolton does not furnish his weavers with work to the amount of 6d per loom each week.  Messrs Grimshaw have little to do: yet it is only a short time since 6,000 pieces were manufactured here weekly. 

    A great many are employed by the overseer, on the highway, from 18d to 7d per day, according to the number they have in family.  The present prices for weaving are; 80 reed, with 9½ lb of 40s weft in each cut, 2s 6d - with 8 lb of 40 weft, 1s 0d - and 6½ lb of 40s weft, 1s 3d.  For this last kind of work, Mr William Jackson, Methodist preacher, only pays 1s 1½d.  Mr Gilbert, our principal butcher, only kills two sheep weekly.  Others are completely driven out of the trade.  Three of our publicans, who were regularly in the habit of brewing four packs of malt every week, cannot now sell one pack in a month.  Another publican, who resides at Downham, on the other side of Pendle hill, informed me that he had not one penny to pay to the Excise at the last sitting.

Extract from The Times, Tuesday, 24th August 1852 .. Boiler Explosion at Burnley Burnley

    Saturday Evening - The fears entertained for the recovery of four of the persons most seriously injured in this terrible disaster have, we regret to state, been fearfully realized, death having terminated their sufferings.  George Whitaker, 17, mechanic, died at ten minutes after 11 last night; William Winterbottom, 29, warper, at a quarter before 1 this morning; Joseph Townson, 51 warper, at a quarter before 5 this morning; and John Thornton, weaver, at a quarter before 6. 

    The names of the other persons injured are as follows: - Richard Jackson, weaver; Robert Heys, weaver; George Whitaker, warper; Robert Jackson, weaver; Samuel Bracewell, smith; Peter Robinson, overlooker; and William Watson, overlooker.  Several of these persons are so severely scalded as to remain in the greatest agony, and are by no means out of danger. Little more can be said as to the causes of this sad accident than was stated yesterday.  An inquiry will be opened at the Court-house on Monday, when doubtless a full investigation will take place, pending which we must defer any remarks we may make on the subject.

Extract from The Times, 16th March 1789 .. Bankrupts

    Lawrence Ridehalgh of Belgrave Factory, near Colne, Lancashire, to surrender April 7, at the Red Lion, in Colne.

Extract from The Times, 6th June 1859 .. Royal College of Surgeons

    The following gentlemen, having undergone the necessary examinations for the diploma were admitted members of the College at a meeting of the Court of Examiners on the 3rd inst. Viz John Joseph Ayre, Colne, Lancashire.

Extract from The Times, Thursday 1st August 1850 .. Royal College of Surgeons

    The following gentlemen, having undergone the necessary examinations for the diploma were admitted members of the College at a meeting of the Court of Examiners on the 26th ult. Viz William Cockroft, Colne, Lancashire.

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Submitted by Alison Manley, 6 Foulds Terrace, Church Street
Trawden, Colne, Lancashire  BB8 8RY

    I have in my possession twelve books, given as Sunday School prizes to members of the STANWORTH family of Burnley, in the 1890s.  These books had been left in a house in Sefton Street, Colne, which my parents-in-law bought in 1978.  The books were apparently unwanted by anyone at that time, and rather than throw them out or take them to a second-hand book dealer, I kept them.  Now I am 'down-sizing', so can no longer accommodate them.  I would like to find descendants of the STANWORTHs or any other interested people who would like to have these books.

    Most of the books belonged to sisters Susannah and Ethel STANWORTH, and one to an older brother, Richard.  The two earliest prizes were given by St.John's Sunday School, Worsthorne, eight by St Cuthbert's Church, Burnley and just two by the County Borough of Burnley Education committee for attendance at Abel Street Evening School.  The dates covered are from 1895 to 1908.

    My researches have shown that Susannah and Ethel were the youngest of nine children, born 1889 and 1893, respectively, to James and Elizabeth STANWORTH of Burnley / Briercliffe.  On the 1891 Census, James's occupation is given as Carrier and the family is living at 8 Whittam Court, parish of Worsthorne with Hurstwood.  The birthplace of the children is Extwistle and the occupations of the older children are blacksmith, stone quarry-man and cotton weavers. 

    By 1901, the family has moved to 9 Walpole Street, Burnley.  The father James's occupation is now Road foreman, the two younger sons are apprentices, one to a blacksmith, one to a joiner, and the two youngest girls, Susannah and Ethel, are still at school. 

    The Register of Electors shows that Susannah and Ethel moved to Sefton Street, Colne, approximately 1952/53.  Why they moved to Colne when their early roots were in Burnley is a mystery. Could it be that they retired around that time, as they would be in their early sixties?   They remained at the same address until late 1977 / early 78 when one or both of them died, in their late eighties. 

    The books are all hard backs, some with very attractive covers, but some with titles we probably wouldn't read today.  There is also a Holy Bible presented to Susannah in 1904 and a Book of Common Prayer, presented to Ethel in 1902, by the Trustees of the will of Philip, Lord Wharton.  It seems sad that these prizes, awarded for Attendance at Sunday School and which had been kept carefully by the sisters all their lives, should have been left in their house after they died. Neither of the sisters had married, so had no children of their own, but with seven older siblings, surely there must be some nieces, nephews or cousins.  I would like to reunite these books with members of the STANWORTH family and would be most grateful for any information.

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    The United Kingdom National Inventory of War Memorials is carrying out an online survey to find out what you think about their website and how it can be improved.  The survey will only take a few minutes and your opinions are vital to ensure they make the most of this unique resource.  To complete the survey please go to ..

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    Aldershot Library have a resource that will be of interest to members whose ancestors served in the British Army.  The Military Collection at Aldershot Public Library numbers nearly 20,000 books, of which approximately 18,500 are available for loan, either directly from the library itself or through the inter-library loan system at your local public library. 

    The Collection includes a run of Army Lists, the earliest of which dates back to 1740, and several regimental histories giving a wealth of detail about the regiment's service, particularly during periods of conflict.  They also have the facility to search the 'Soldiers Died in the Great War' and the 'Army Roll of Honour - World War II' databases and print out the Scrolls of Remembrance for individual soldiers who died in either of those wars.  Simply e-mail them as many details as you have of the person you are researching (name, regiment, date of death, service number) and they can send you a facsimile reprint of the appropriate Scroll, printed on quality paper.  There is a charge of £1.50 per printed Scroll.

    They are also pleased to assist with any military-based enquiries that any of our members may have.  They would like to encourage members to make use of the Collection where library staff will be pleased to help.

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    As we now have several members who are new to family history, we are proposing to have a short tutorial lasting about 20 minutes at every branch meeting.  This will be held during the research time, after the speaker.

    Christine Bradley at Colne and other local libraries are arranging 20-minute session on the use of ""

    It has been decided to suspend the monthly Wednesday morning help desk sessions, until the New Year.  These have been held once a month at Colne Library and have been very busy at times.  When we commence the sessions again, we will need volunteers to help out with queries.  Why not do your bit to promote the branch and the society by coming to help out.  Volunteers to man the help desk should give their names to Jean Ingham so that she can formalise a team of helpers for later in the year.

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    BBC Magazines are launching a new magazine in September called BBC Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine.  Produced by the people behind BBC History Magazine, this new family history magazine will complement the popular BBC series, giving expert advice on how to research family history.  This new magazine will be on sale from 25 September 2007.

A special subscription deal is offered: BBC WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? MAGAZINE
 - ISSUE 1 ON-SALE 25 SEPTEMBER SAVE 30% when you subscribe at:

Call the order hotline on: 0844 844 0939  Please quote reference FHI07 when ordering online or by telephone.

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    At the Family Records Centre (FRC) user consultative group meeting at the FRC, Myddelton Street, London, the FFHS representatives (Maureen Bullows and Geoff Riggs) were extremely disturbed to be informed that the Office for National Statistics (ONS) will vacate the ground floor at the FRC by 31 October 2007.

    From 31 October until the end of March 2008, access to the Indexes for Births, Deaths and Marriages will be on the first floor of the FRC on MICROFICHE only.  Ordering of certificates will be ONLINE only and there will be no provision for certificate collection.  The ONS and General Register Office (GRO) were left in no doubt by the unanimous protestations of the FRC User Consultative Group.  Full details and a copy of the Public Briefing paper can be found at:

    Changes are to be made at The National Archives (TNA) at Kew to integrate the services they currently offer on the first floor of the Family Records Centre.  These changes will involve building work.  As a result, services at Kew will be disrupted from Autumn 2007 to Spring 2008.  They will do their best to maintain a full service during this period, but there may be unavoidable delays and disruption.  TNA will be closed to the public between 1st & 16th December 2007. A further closure will take place in the week commencing January 21st 2008 (details to be confirmed). Online services will not be affected TNA will publish more details in mid-October when they have finalised the appointment of a building contractor.  This will be available on their website:  and also at the FRC.

    If you are planning to visit The National Archives, Kew between Autumn 2007 and Spring 2008, please check the website for the latest information to minimise the risk of being inconvenienced by the these changes.

    It was previously announced that the current facility for customers to order and collect certificates from Family Records Centre (FRC) would be withdrawn from November 2007 and there was no intention to provide a replacement service.  However, on 28 September the FFHS and other members of the FRC User Group were advised by the GRO's Certificate Services Branch that a certificate collection service will be available at the GRO office in Southport with effect from 30 October 2007.  Details are still being finalised but this facility will be available only for orders placed by telephone or post or by Registration OnLine (ROLO) account holders.  It is envisaged that collection in person will be available from 10.00-16.00 Monday-Friday.  While this is to be welcomed as a small step in the right direction, it remains to be seen to what extent this meets the needs of users.  We will keep you advised as more news becomes available.

    At the Family Records Centre (FRC) Users Consultative Group Meeting on 3 October 2007, the following schedule of withdrawals was announced:

    12/13 October - B.M.D Indexes 1947-2005
    19/20 October - B.M.D Indexes 1865-1946
    26/27 October - B.M.D Indexes 1837-1864
    26/27 October - All Overseas Indexes

    Paper indexes for Adoptions will remain at FRC until it closes, and will then be moved to Kew.  Following the removal of the paper indexes from FRC, five sets of indexes on microfiche will be available on the first floor at FRC until it closes.   Thereafter, there will be just three sets available at The National Archives (TNA) Kew - currently there is only one set there.  The following summary of GRO services on the first floor at FRC from November 2007 to March 2008 may be helpful.

    Microfiche copies of B.M.D and Overseas Events. Internet access to GRO Indexes held on third party web sites (not all free).  PC based systems providing access to modern indexes for B.M.D, Adoptions, Civil Partnerships, and Overseas Events Paper indexes for the older Adoption Records Online ordering via Registration On Line (ROLO) and Internet access supported by TNA Customer Service Point.

    The Customer Service Point will be located in "C" Section and will be covered by two GRO staff to provide a check on unclear references on microfiche.  It may not be possible to give instant answers - it will depend on the nature of the query.  This facility will exist only from November 2007 to March 2008.

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    The Archive Awareness Campaign was launched in September with hundreds of archives across the country planning special events to celebrate the history of human rights in the UK.  The theme of the 2007 campaign is 'Freedom and Liberty', looking at the struggle for rights in history, including the Chartists, the Suffragettes and the 200th anniversary of the Parliamentary abolition of the transatlantic slave trade.

    This year archives are reaching out to audiences of all ages and ethnic backgrounds and have teamed up with artists, theatre and community groups to help make their material more fun and accessible.  Learn about Britain's history of gay rights activism at 1967 and all that, a travelling exhibition in archives telling the story of the decriminalisation of homosexuality.  Discover the link between your region and the slave trade at talks and events such as Hertfordshire Archives' Hidden History workshops or London Metropolitan Archives' Slave Walks.  Visit the Women's Library and find out about the unsung heroines behind feminism.  Special websites are offering access to newly digitised material, including the Parliamentary Archives slave trade registers  and The National Archives' Human Rights online exhibition  Events run throughout the autumn and are listed on

    Many archival projects have received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, which is supporting schemes aimed at reaching new audiences.  For more information on Archives Awareness please contact Elise Oliver, Archive Awareness Officer, on 020 8392 5237 or email

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Medialab wants you!

    Medialab are looking for contributors to appear on a television programme documenting the experience of families whose relatives have served throughout the duration of the wars in Afghanistan.  They would be very interested to hear, for example, from someone serving in the current conflict whose ancestor fought in the 19th century.  They hope to talk to the families about their experience of this shared history.  If you know of anyone to whom this may be of interest, please do not hesitate to contact Yas at Mediablab: or 020 78394182

    Medialab is a concept development company specialising in science, history and factual documentaries, together with new media.  We work with a number of international broadcasters including Channel 4, Five, National Geographic, Discovery and the History Channel, devising ideas, which we co-produce with established production companies.

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    Every two months the Federation of Family History Societies (FFHS) issues an E-zine, an (E)lectronic maga(zine) .. would you believe!.  This can be viewed on their website or you can subscribe /register to receive a free copy by e-mail, via their website.  This month’s, October, contains information about the developments at the TNA plus many other items.  It can be viewed at ..




    If you have, send me an e-mail with a subject line of "e-mail address confirmation" and just put you name in the body of the message.  Send it to

    I recently sent out a message to all branch members about the Open Afternoons, to be held at the LFHHS Resource Centre at Oswaldtwistle.  As I half expected, several messages bounced back.  It is possible that some of your Internet service providers do not allow messages onto your system if they are sent to multiple recipients or it is possible that your e-mail system is set up so as to reject items sent by multiple copy.  If you did not receive notice of the event, then it was because your e-mail bounced.  I apologise to those who did not receive it, but since there are so many that bounce, I really don't have the time to send it out individually.

    I am expecting that the same thing will happen when I send out this edition of the gazette. Another reason why some of you may not get my messages is because you have changed your e-mail address. Unless you tell me of the change, I have no way of knowing what your address is.

Brenda I Hustler, Branch Secretary


    Items for publication should be sent to the Acting Editor - , 49 Stone Edge Road, Barrowford, Nelson Lancashire BB9 6BB

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