The Newsletter of
Pendle & Burnley Branch
Issue no : 3 - August 2001

Editor : Derek Mills


The branch has now received the first edition of the National Burial Index (NBI) and the information may be accessed on our computer at Colne library.  The Index contains over 5.3 million burials, but unfortunately there are only five churches in Lancashire included in the index and certain counties have no entries at all.  Naturally, we are disappointed that there is so little information available for members researching burials in Lancashire.  The committee is determined that the second issue of the NBI will include burials from our area.

The Lancashire churches that are included, are as follows ..

A further aid to research, is a complete list of all the officers and men of the Accrington Pals. This information can be accessed on the branch computer.


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Members are continuing to transcribe the baptisms at St.Paul's church, Nelson, St.Bartholomew's church Colne and St.Peter's church and St.James' church Burnley.  Burials at St.Bartholomew and St Peter's and the marriages at St.Bartholomew and St.James' are also continuing.  The burial record for the period 1845-1852 at St Peter's church has been completed, a copy of which has been deposited at Burnley Central library for binding.  Copies for Colne and Nelson libraries will be produced shortly.  A copy of the 1852-1896 burials at St.Peter's, has been presented to the Nelson library for binding.

The burials of 1845-1852 at St Peter's, extends from April 20th 1845 to March 7th 1852 and within that period there were 3196 interments.  Included in that figure, were 215 Roman Catholic burials, 76 burials from the workhouse and one burial from Padiham workhouse.

There were 264 burials of people aged 70 or over, which represents 8.2% of the total. There were 10 people aged 90 or over. The complete breakdown is as follows: 

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I have received a letter from one of our members, Pat Dyson of Nelson, regarding a collection of postcards. She has in her possession, a collection of postcards that might interest a local researcher. An album found in the cellar of a local book shop about 40 years ago contained the collection of possibly, a Daisy Parker, to whom many of the cards are addressed, with remarks such as "here's another for your collection". Other recipients are Rev. A Parker, Alfred, Cissy, Harold & Percy Parker with addresses at 26 Windsor St, Colne and 15 Smith St, Colne (the last two named have cards addressed to them at Scout camp). Cissy may have worked at the Co-op stores in Colne.

There are also cards addressed to Mr & Mrs Dicks/Deeks at various addresses in Colne and a number of cards sent to people on holiday. There are unwritten cards of Scout groups, classes at Lord St school and Colne A.F.C. The dates range from 1908 to 1914 and the assurance with which the writer made appointments for the next day or even that night is breathtaking. Pat offers the postcards free to any interested member. She can be contacted via the branch.

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Recent additions to our Branch Library have included a number of micro-fiche, too numerous to list in this column and various books and pamphlets. It is hoped to produce a complete list of micro-fiche holdings in the next newsletter. The new books are listed below.

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We have had a letter from Joy TOWNLEY in New Zealand requesting any information about Lawrence INGHAM and his wife Molly, Mary or Mally. They lived in Back Lane, Habergham Eaves in the early 1800s. She is searching for information regarding any of their family. If anyone would like to contact Joy, the address is 18 Kent Street, LEVIN 5500, NEW ZEALAND or E-mail at

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