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Volume 5 - February 2002      PENDLE & BURNLEY BRANCH      Editor Derek Mills


The committee would like to wish all our members a happy and a prosperous New Year and to have great success in your research work. As no doubt you will have noticed, we have re-designed the front page of the Gazette because we thought it may have a greater visual impact if it was produced in a colour format. We realise that the production costs will be far greater than previously, but we think that it should be well worth the effort.

As a consequence of the abrupt resignation of our librarian Sheila Richmond, our deputy librarian Margaret Heap, has kindly agreed to take over the library's responsibilities. Any future inquiries regarding books, pamphlets or fiche etc, should be directed to Margaret.

Included with this edition, is the Programme of Events for the year 2002. Activities, with the exception of the Out-Visit to Bacup, will take place at Colne Library commencing 7.30 pm. New members and visitors are welcome.


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Members are continuing to transcribe the baptisms at St.Paul's church, Nelson, St.Bartholomew's church, Colne, Christ Church, Colne, St.Peter's church, Burnley, St.Paul's church, Burnley, St.James's church, Burnley and Padiham Unitarian church. The marriages of 1849-1900 at St.James's church, Burnley are completed but still require checking. The marriages at St Peter's church, Burnley 1889-1900, are about to commence and the marriages at Holy Trinity church 1893-1900 are in progress.  The baptism, marriage and burial records at St.Mary's church, Thornton in Craven are in progress.

Copies of the St.Peter's baptisms, 1813-1824 and the marriages of Padiham Unitarian church, 1874-2000, have been despatched for binding and will be eventually available in book form at our library at Colne.  Most of these records may be researched on our computer.

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We have now available on CD-ROM, details of the Reform Act of 1832. Before this act, the House of Commons consisted of burgesses elected by towns, knights of the shire elected by counties and representatives elected by the universities. In the counties, large tenant farmers were excluded from the franchise as a voter's qualification depended on having a freehold estate worth 40 shillings or more per annum. Franchise in the boroughs depended upon custom or charter.

This imbalance of representation was substantially corrected by this Bill. Fifty six "rotten" boroughs in England were disenfranchised, thirty were reduced to one member only and twenty two new boroughs were created to send two members and twenty to send one member.

We have on order, CD-ROMs of the census of 1891 for Lancashire and Yorkshire. These CD-ROMs should be available for research in the near future on our computer at Colne library. The information will not be as searchable as the 1881 census, but nevertheless, it will be far more convenient than searching through films and microfiche.

Our branch has bought microfiche copies of the 1901 census for Burnley, which are housed in the Reference department at Colne library and together with the library's own holdings of the Colne and district census, we have a fairly comprehensive coverage of the Burnley and Pendle areas.

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Brian Gardiner of "The Ruffetts Cottage, Brighton Road, Lower King's Wood, Tadworth, Surrey, KT20 6UT. is interested in the name ROBINSON and would like to contact anyone who is researching the name, particularly Emmanuel ROBINSON, baptised at St Bartholomew's Church, Colne on the 23rd July 1820.

Brian Gorman of 1 Grailands, Bishops Stortford, Herts CM23 2RG is searching for details of a Grace HARTLEY who married Henry MITCHELL at Colne in 1834. He is also interested in a Sarah HARGREAVES who was born in Burnley, circa 1817. Other names of which he is interested, are SCHOFIELD, SIMPSON, SLATER, STEVENSON, WHITEHEAD.

Jean Ingham is in possession of a pedigree chart which the gentleman has sent to her. For more information, please contact Jean. Her address is No 3 Rutland St, Colne, BB8 0QJ

from Canada is interested in contacting anyone who is researching the name BRACEWELL, particularly in the Trawden area. Hilary may be contacted by email

Jonathan Shackleton, of Nash Court, Marnhull, Sturminster Newton, Dorset, DT10 1JZ is interested in finding information about his great grandfather, Jonathan SHACKLETON who married Alice SMITH at Colne parish church in 1850. He has been unable to trace any sign of him prior to 1850. If anyone has any details of this gentleman they may contact him at the above address.

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A number of strays relative to this area, have been discovered whilst researching the St Mary & St John, Handrow, N. Yorks (Burial transcripts). They are as follows ..

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We have in our possession in the branch library, three spare birth certificates and one spare marriage certificate. They are as follows ..

If anyone interested in the aforementioned, it will be possible to produce photocopies of the certificates. Please contact the branch librarian, Margaret Heap for details.

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The Journal of the Burnley & District Historical Society, available in Burnley Reference library. There have been some extremely interesting articles written for the Historical Society, some of which could provide valuable research information. I have included a selection.

Volume One 1980

Volume Two 1981

Volume Three 1982

Volume Four 1983

Volume Five 1985

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Please send the information to the editor, Mr Derek Mills, 23 Hall Park Ave, Cliviger, Burnley BB10 4JJ. Thanks.

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LFH&HS Pendle and Burnley Branch 2002