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Volume 6 - May 2002        PENDLE & BURNLEY BRANCH        Editor Derek Mills


At the A.G.M. in March, our treasurer Ralph Peacock resigned from the committee for personal reasons. We had difficulty recruiting a suitable replacement until David Hustler kindly agreed to step into the breach. We welcome David into the fold and hope that he enjoys helping to run the branch. Also at the A.G.M, our secretary Sheila Markendale, announced that she would like to resign from the committee because of other commitments. If anyone would like to take over the job, would they please contact the chairman or any member of the committee.

The committee has decided, after careful consideration, that to minimise costs, the Gazette front page will revert back to a black and white format. This change will drastically reduce the production costs by not having to purchase colour cartridges at 30 a time. In an effort to further reduce costs, the committee has decided that in future it will be possible to e-mail the newsletter to members if they so wish. This will eliminate the postage incurred.

The committee is considering the introduction of a web-site for our local branch. When this is up and running, it will feature items of local interest, publicise the newsletter and contain the branch programme of lectures and practical evenings. Most importantly, it will give the branch much needed publicity with easy access to information relevant to the organisation and research facilities of the branch.


1   Projects
2   Boer War 1899-1902
3   Query Corner
4   Additional Facilities
5   Certificates
6   Unpredictability
7   Diary Dates
8   1901 Census

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Members are continuing to transcribe the burials at Christ Church, Colne, the baptisms, marriage and burial records at St Mary's church, Thornton in Craven and the marriages from 1880-1900 at St Matthew's church, Burnley. The marriages from 1893-1900 at Holy Trinity church, Burnley and the marriages from 1889-1900 at St Peter's church, Burnley are completed. The baptisms from 1824-1833 at St Peter's church, Burnley are completed, but require checking and the marriages from 1837-1844 at St Bartholomew's church, Colne are completed. All the records may be researched on the branch computer and the marriage records contain the full marriage details as shown on certificates.

We now have, subject to certain gaps, the All Saints church, Broughton, records from 1671-1939. They are available for research on the computer.

We are in the process of producing a Burnley marriage index and have at the moment over 2000 entries on the computer data base. This is a long term project and takes a considerable amount of time to input the information, but eventually it will be a useful tool for researchers.

Compilation of all the churches and chapels in the Burnley and Pendle areas is nearing completion and a temporary list is available on the computer. The information includes a brief history of the relevant church and details of where to find research facilities relating to the individual church.

We are indebted to Bert Hindle, one of the societies long serving members, for kindly offering the following records for research purposes. They are available on the branch computer.

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BOER WAR 1899-1902

Christine Haworth has been researching some details regarding missing forebears in the 1901 census who could have been fighting in the Boer War. She has now completed the transcription and indexing of an old notebook kept at Burnley Reference Library, which listed local men who took part in the Boer War in South Africa. Copies of the information, have been deposited in the Burnley & Nelson libraries and in our branch library collection at Colne.

As well as soldiers, members of the Saint John's Ambulance went out there as stretcher bearers and also a vet from Colne went to tend to the horses. There are obituaries of the local men who were killed and reports of those who were injured. The majority of the names have an address and these are from Barrowford, Brierfield, Burnley, Nelson, Padiham & Sabden etc.

Christine is at present, indexing letters published in the local newspapers, which were sent from the men at the front to their families.

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Peter Fielding of 5 Chiltern Close, Ramsbottom, Bury, Lancs, BL0 9LH is experiencing some difficulty tracing the baptism of his great-great grandmother, Isabel ROBINSON, born in 1807 in Roughlee or Barrowford.

Peter Lonsdale of Apple Tree Cottage, Furzehill, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 4HT, is searching for the birth of Peter BENSON in 1782/1783 possibly in the Burnley area.

from New Zealand is interested in contacting anyone who is researching the name Joseph HALSTEAD, born in 1884 in Burnley.  He can be contacted by email

is interested in contacting anyone researching the name Granville HELM from Padiham who was born early last century.  He can be contacted by email

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We have now received the 1891 census for Lancashire on Compact Discs. There are 38 CD-ROMs covering the county and the information is indexed by town and street name. It is now available for research on our computer at Colne library. The information is not as searchable as the 1881 census, but will nevertheless, be a more convenient method than searching through films and microfiche.

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The library is now in possession of the following additional certificates. If anyone has any interest in the documents, please contact the branch librarian, Margaret Heap for details. The documents will be available at any branch meeting. They are as follows ..

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From Burnley to Bristol, Pendle to Penzance
My merry band of ancestors has led me quite a dance
There's no one rich and famous, no, not even well to-do
Though a second cousin twice removed, once played in goal for Crewe

My bride of just five minutes, I left standing in the church
As I rushed into the graveyard for a spot of quick research
Eventually I found an auntie, 50 years deceased
It was much more satisfying than a silly wedding feast

But now my thirty year obsession is lying in the bin
Last Monday week I heard the news that made me chuck it in
For my darling mother who is not long for this earth
Casually informed me, that they had adopted me from birth

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 This interesting item was posted on the Society of Genealogists List.

When it was pointed out to my M.P. that some of the 1901 census transcriptions had been performed by people on the Indian sub-continent, who did not have English as a mother tongue and who had no experience of English place names, occupations and personal names, he was frankly incredulous.  I suggested he put a parliamentary question on this item.

The reply from the Lord Chancellor's Department was quite staggering.  The proportion of transcription work undertaken outside the United Kingdom was 78% a large majority of which was undertaken in India and Sri Lanka.

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LFH&HS Pendle and Burnley Branch 2002