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Volume 7 - August 2002          PENDLE & BURNLEY BRANCH          Editor Derek Mills


Subsequent to the A.G.M in March, when Sheila Markendale wished to relinquish the office of secretary, the branch is pleased to announce that Brenda Hustler has taken over the job.

The branch has now established a Web Site on the Internet and is in the process of gradually building up information relevant to our local area. David Hustler has designed the site and he is continuously updating the facilities. If you connect to the Internet at home, or use the local library computers, log on and pay us a visit. Please with your criticisms, omissions and/or corrections.

Because the Gazette is now published on the Web Site, future editions after the current one, will normally be sent only to members who have not got access to the Internet. Members should please inform the editor whether they still wish to receive a newsletter by post.

The branch has now got access to a computer projector so that at demonstrations or presentations, a lap top computer may be plugged into the projector to cast an enlarged image onto a screen, making it more convenient for viewing.


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A copy of the baptisms at St Peter's Church, Burnley 1824-1833, has been despatched for binding and the bound copies of St Peter's burials 1830-1839 and 1839-1845 and the Padiham, Unitarian Chapel marriages 1874-2000, have arrived back from the book-binder's and are available for research purposes in the branch library. The baptisms at St Paul's Church, Burnley 1880-1900, have been completed and are now on the parish record file on the computer.

Transcriptions are continuing on the St John's, Gannow marriages 1880-1900, St Matthew's Burnley marriages 1880-1900, Padiham Unitarian Chapel baptisms and Colne Christchurch burials. Work has commenced on the baptisms of 1833-1841 at St Peter's Church, Burnley.

The Burnley marriage index has now almost 3500 entries and covers the period from 1871-1900.  This is stage one of the operation and subsequently, it is hoped to cover earlier periods.  An entry in the May Gazette listed under Bert Hindle's records: Colne, Cemetery 1834-1976, should have read 1860-1976. We apologise for this error.

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We have now received the 1891 census for Yorkshire on compact discs.  There are 31 CD-ROMs covering the county and the information is indexed by town and street name.  It is now available for research purposes on our computer at Colne library.  The information is not as searchable as the 1881 census, but will nevertheless, be a more convenient method than searching through films and microfiche.

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For centuries Roman Catholics had worshipped at the Chapel at Towneley Hall. Eventually they decided to establish a church independent of the Towneley family.  In 1817, a small group of people was formed in order to collect subscriptions to finance the building of a church in Burnley Wood.  Peregrine E Towneley donated an area of land on which to build the church and also gave 1000.  The church was situated in Todmorden Road opposite Brunswick Street and was opened in 1817.  The first priest was the Reverend Charles Lupton and during his ministry there were over 250 people attending his services. Father Lupton was in poor health and he died in 1824 at Towneley.  Canon Hodgson then took over the ministry and in 1829, the church had to be enlarged.

The congregations were increasing year by year and the building became too small to accommodate the numbers of worshipers.  Therefore in 1844, it was decided to build another church in Eastgate (now Yorkshire Street).  The foundation stone of the new church, to be named St Mary's, was laid on March 20th 1846 by Bishop Brown and the church was opened on August 2nd 1849 by the Right Reverend Dr. Wiseman. 

Other Roman Catholic churches are: 

There existed St.Thomas's Church and various missions before the establishment of the above mentioned churches.

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Kath Eardley of 14 Main Road, Alves, Elgin, Moray, IV.30. 8UR, is interested in the name WADE, mainly in the Hapton area of Burnley.  Kath who is formerly from Barrowford, may be contacted at the above address.

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The LFH&HS Annual Dinner hosted by our branch, at The Bay Horse, Roughlee on Friday the 4th October. See the centre pages of Lancashire, Issue May 2002 for details.

The G.R.O at Southport are organising four open dates in November for anyone interested in learning about the procedure for obtaining certificates. The sessions commence at either 9-30am or 1-30pm and last about 2 hours ..

Anyone interested should contact either Sharon Edwards or Madeleine Bramah on 0151 4714621.

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Any member who wishes to publish the names that they are researching, can include the names on the Members Interest List. The list is accessible on the Web Site and will provide an opportunity to contact other people who are researching the same names. In many instances, members struggle to find that elusive relative. Now, they have the means to perhaps remedy the situation. Please with either your address, or email address, to the Branch Web Site.

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The branch has a collection of parish records on microfiche of the Blackburn Diocese for the local area. We are in contact with the Record Office at Preston to try and increase our holdings, particularly the missing records of Habergham Eaves: namely Holy Trinity, St. Matthew's and All Saints.

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These figures include Habergham Eaves.
  1801 = 3918
  1811 = 5405   increase   1487
  1821 = 8242   increase   2837
  1831 = 10026 increase   1784
  1841 = 14228 increase   4202
  1851 = 20828 increase   6600
  1861 = 28700 increase   7942
  1871 = 40858 increase 12158
  1881 = 58882 increase 18024
  1891 = 87016 increase 28134
  1901 = 97043 increase 10027

It can be seen from the figures, that the largest increase in population was in the period from 1881 to 1891 and the smallest, from the period 1801 to 1811. Large numbers of people came to the town from the countryside and adjacent towns to work in the cotton industry and the coal mines. As a result of this, the indigenous population became a very small percentage of the whole.

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Please send the information to the editor, Derek Mills, 23 Hall Park Ave, Cliviger, Burnley. BB10 4JJ.

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LFH&HS Pendle and Burnley Branch 2002