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Volume 8 - November 2002          PENDLE & BURNLEY BRANCH          Editor Derek Mills


Bob Abel, our chairman, a stalwart of the Society for many years, is standing down from office at the next A.G.M. in March. He will however, retain his membership of the Society. We thank him for his guidance and diligence throughout the period of his office and we will be encouraging and searching for someone to replace him at an early date. 

We have had numerous inquiries, particularly from overseas members, regarding the possibility of producing CD-ROMs of some of our local records. This suggestion is under active consideration by our committee and would be really advantageous to our long distance members who have difficulty accessing local information. 

We are at that time of the year again when the weather is grim and the nights are dark and some of us will be twiddling our thumbs and won’t know what to do with ourselves. We have the perfect answer. Why not join us to participate in some transcription work. We have lots of projects in mind and you will be doing a worthwhile job. Please contact Ken Lupton or any committee member and we will organise the work.

One of the intentions of the newsletter when it was originally produced two years ago, was to provide a forum where members could voice their opinions and exchange topics and ideas. This objective sadly, has never materialised. Apart from one or two letters, we have not had any significant contribution from our members. Now is the time to remedy the situation, be courageous and bold, let us have your views. 


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Members are continuing to transcribe burial and baptismal records at St Bartholomew's Church, Colne and Christ Church, Colne.  The transcription of the 1877-1900 marriages at All Saints Church, Habergham, the 1880-1900 marriages at St John's Church, Gannow, and the 1833-1841 baptisms at St. Peter's Church, Burnley, are in progress. 

The 1880-1900 marriages at St.Matthew's Church, Burnley, the baptisms at Padiham Unitarian Chapel and the 1777-1837 baptisms at Colne Baptist Church, have been completed and are available for research on the computer. 

The 1818-1837 baptisms of Burnley, Curzon Street Primitive Methodist Chapel, the 1817-1837 baptisms of Burnley, Keighley Green Methodist Chapel and the 1823-1837 baptisms of Mereclough, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, have been transcribed and have been inputted onto the computer.  Copies have been deposited at Burnley Central Library. 

A bound copy of the Burnley, St.Peter's baptisms of 1824-1833 has been received from the bookbinder.  The text has been arranged in alphabetical order in order to facilitate research work and is available in the Branch Library.  The information is also held on the computer. 

The compilation of all the churches and chapels in the Burnley and Pendle areas has been completed.  Access to this wealth of information is either by way of our web site, by printed material in the Branch Library or on the branch computer.

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We have now received the 1841 census for Lancashire on 9 compact discs.  There are CD-ROMs covering the county and the information is indexed by town. It is now available on our computer in the Branch Library.

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is building a database of the names ASPDEN and CAUTHERLEY in our area and is willing to check it for anyone interested .. 

is searching for information on George PULLAN or PULLEN, who was born circa 1891 in Ripon/Knaresborough and moved to Burnley where he was in the Police Force.  George PULLEN had a daughter named Irene. 

, member No.1506, would like to know where she can find details of the Pendle Witch trial of 1633.  She has read the book by Walter Bennett, published by Burnley Council in 1957, only to find that it confines itself to the 1612 outbreak and ignores 1633. Similarly, the book Wonderful Discovery of Witches by Potts, also does not cover the 1633 trials. 

, of Toronto, Canada, member No 1764, is looking for information on the burial of her great grandmother Ruth TODD, who died on 18.October.1892 at 9 Laurel Street, Habergham Eaves.  Ruth TODD lived in the Oxford Road area of Burnley and attended St.Stephen's Church, but the family plot is at St.John's Church, Worsthorne.  She is not buried in the Municipal Cemetery.  Joan would also like to know if any employment records exist for Towneley Hall and The Holme, at Cliviger. Members of her family worked on both estates..

Roland HULL asks if any members have a J C KEIGHLEY, amongst their ancestors, possibly in the early 1900s.  He has something that may be of sentimental value to them.  If any member has such an ancestor, proof of relationship would be appreciated. 

is seeking information on Thomas LIVSEY (later in life he became a bleacher).  He married Phoebe HOLDEN on 4.January.1819 at Altham.  He is looking for any information that will lead to the parents of Thomas and Phoebe. 

Does anyone have a George Arthur DUNN in their family? Sapper George Arthur DUNN, 2006377 Royal Engineers, died in India on 17 January 1943. Branch Secretary Brenda Hustler, has recently received a photograph of George Arthur and would like to reunite it with any of his descendants.  If any member has such an ancestor, proof of relationship would be appreciated.  Additional information: He was the son of Richard Arthur and Ada DUNN of Burnley and husband of Nellie DUNN of Burnley.  He is buried in the KIRKEE WAR CEMETERY, India, grave no 1, J 15

Mr Alan Blakey of 18 Wain Court, Berry Brow, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD.7LX. is asking for help in respect of the BLAKEY family of Blakey Hall, Colne and any of their descendants.  If any member can help, will they please contact him at the above address? 

is looking for information about one of his ancestors, a jam manufacturer. His information is as follows .. 
The Jam Works - My aunt Sarah Ellen, known to her brothers as Sarellen, was born on 13.May.1864 at Hey Head, Brierfield. Her parents did not marry until 7.October.1865. Sarah Ellen's original surname was BANNISTER, but by the time of her marriage on 18.April.1891, she was called Sarah Ellen TAYLOR. She married William Lister SMITH who was described as an art student living at 79 Victoria Road, Headingly, Leeds. 
I met my aunt "Sarellen" once in 1945 when she was over 80 years old and I remember her as a small, slim, very bright lady. However, the SMITH'S family business was as jam manufacturers in Bristol with a brand name of Avondale. 
One of the puzzles of family history to me, has been how my aunt "Sarellen", a weaver in a small mill town in Lancashire, met and married the art student, son of a jam manufacturer in Bristol. Some two weeks ago a friend lent me his set of the 1881 census on CD-ROM and after checking some names and sorting out some other queries, I thought that I would try to find where William Lister SMITH was born.  I was very surprised to discover that he was born in Colne and that his father, John SMITH, was listed in the census as being a jam manufacturer of Crabtree Street, Great and Little Marsden, who employed nine men, five apprentice men, two girls and four boys, a total of twenty staff, so he must have been in a fair way of business. 
By the 1901 census, there was no trace of either John SMITH or his wife Margaritte or the jam factory, but William Lister SMITH and his wife Sarellen, were living at Mill Lane, Lathom, Ormskirk and he was described as a jam manufacturer. 
Can anyone tell me anything about John SMITH'S jam factory in Great and Little Marsden in about 1881, when did it start, when did it close and anything about William Lister SMITH'S jam business at Ormskirk about 1901? In particular, when did it close and when did he move to Bristol? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

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These items have been retrieved from The Craven Household Almanac, courtesy of Irene Cardwell. 

 - 25.December.1878, Mary LORD of Cross Street, Colne was found dead in bed. 

 - 6.January.1879, John SHAW of Earby, ex vice chairman of the Skipton Board of Guardians, died.

 - 8.February.1879, Ann DUERDEN aged 57, hanged herself at Grindlestone Hurst, near Colne.


The Branch Open Day this year, is to be held at Barnoldswick Library on Saturday the 16th November.  We will be asking for volunteers to assist in manning the stalls and to generally answer queries from the public.

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Christ Church was in the Parish of Whalley and in the Diocese of Chester when it was consecrated by The Right Reverend John Bird Sumner, DD., Lord Bishop of Chester (afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury) on Thursday 30.June.1836.  The first sermon was preached in the church by the Bishop of Chester and the second sermon by the celebrated Divine, The Reverend Hugh Stowell, incumbent of Christ Church, Salford. 

The patronage of the living was at first vested in five trustees, the Bishop of Chester;  The Chancellor of the Diocese; James Wilson; Richard Thomas Wroe Walton and Edward Parker.  The cost of the building and the furnishing of the church was £2,831 and in 1885, the interior was renovated and re-seated and several other improvements effected at a cost of over £1,500. 

List of Incumbents .. from 1836-1930. 

The Reverend Percy Bainbridge. MA. succeeded Thomas Belshaw in 1931.

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Christine Haworth, our Publications Officer, has done a magnificent job compiling an index of all the chapels and churches in the Pendle and Burnley areas.  The current version is now available for research on the branch computer with a paper copy in our library in Colne Library.  The index contains grid references, denominations, addresses, the present incumbent, telephone numbers if known, sources of the relevant parish registers, details of graveyards, memorial inscriptions and brief histories of the churches or chapels.

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The annual dinner of the Society took place at the Bay Horse, Roughlee, on Friday October 4th. The event was attended by approximately 60 guests and it was generally accepted that it was a resounding success.  The dinner was followed by a hilariously funny interpretation of Lancashire dialect by James Atherton of Darwen.  Thanks to David Taylor and the rest of the committee for organising the dinner and the evening's entertainment.

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Rodney Hampson, Vice President of the LFH&HS and his wife Elizabeth, have been asked to compile a record of the Society's activities hitherto.  The 30th anniversary occurs next year in 2003.  They have amongst their own collection, several records of events during the last 30 years including photographs, but they would like some details and if possible some photographs from the archives of the various groups within the Society, so that the report does not become just their personal record of the Society. 

Does anyone have any information that would reflect the history of the Pendle and Burnley Branch, such as the date of the first group meeting and the members of the first Branch Committee?   They would especially like to include details of any long serving members of our group. 

To add interest to the project, they would like to use group photographs taken perhaps during project work or maybe a social event organised by our group.  Any photographs that members may care to loan them would be copied and the originals returned to the owners.  Because Rodney and Beth are not acquainted with many of the newer members of the Society, it would be a great help if people on the photographs could be identified. 

Please send any information that you may wish to contribute, to our , Brenda Hustler, 49 Stone Edge Road, Barrowford, Nelson, Lancashire BB9 6BB

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England converted from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar in 1752 when the 3rd September became the 14th. Because of the loss of 11 days, there was much displeasure amongst the people and more importantly, eleven taxable days were lost to the government. As a result of the changes, the tax year was moved from March 25th which was then New Year's Day, to April 6th. At the time of this change in the English calendar, January 1st was officially made New Year's Day.

Parish registers dated between January 1st and 25th March prior to 1753, should be considered as bridging two years. For example, an item in a register dated 12th February 1748 should be referred to as 12th February 1748/49. 

Protestant countries such as Germany and the Netherlands made the adjustments in 1700 but in most Catholic countries, the changes were made in 1582 when Pope Gregory X111 ruled that the 5th October should become the 15th October. This was because the Julian calendar was 10 days adrift of the Solar Year. 

Please submit any correspondence to the editor, Derek Mills, 23 Hall Park Ave., Cliviger, Burnley BB10 4JJ

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