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Volume 9 - February 2003       PENDLE & BURNLEY BRANCH       Editor Derek Mills


The committee wishes all our existing and new members a happy and prosperous New Year.  We hope you all accomplish success in your research work.

The committee has recruited three new potential committee members without portfolio, to sit in and observe proceedings at meetings with a view to eventual appointments on the committee.  They are Mary Jackson, Tony Mason and Christine Windle.  The committee has also decided, subject to approval at the A.G.M, to re-elect half of the committee each year, each member to serve for a two year period.  This will we hope, achieve greater flexibility.  Obviously, this cannot be a hard and fast rule because ill health, death or people moving out the area will affect this proposal.

The February newsletter and subsequent newsletters will be sent to all the members who have elected to receive them by post.  New members will receive the February newsletter by post, then if they wish to still receive them by post, they should notify the editor.  The newsletters are available on our web site, (note this is not a 'clickable' link)

Included in this edition, is the Programme of Events for the year 2003.  All activities with the exception of the Out Visit, will take place at Colne Library commencing 7-30pm.  New members and visitors are welcome.


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Baptismal records of St.Bartholomew's Church, Colne, are continuing to be transcribed.  The baptisms of 1836-1900 at Christ Church, Colne, are now complete and transcriptions of the burials are in progress.  The transcriptions of the 1877-1900 marriages at All Saints Church, Habergham, are almost completed and the St.Paul's, Burnley, baptisms of 1846-1880 have re-commenced and the 1880-1900 marriages at St.John's Church, Gannow have been printed out and are ready for binding. 

The transcriptions of the 1821-1834 baptisms at Padiham Unitarian Church and the burials of Winewall Inghamite Chapel are in progress.  The Burnley marriage index of 1871-1900 is being continuously updated and has now over 4200 entries.  A transcript of the Padiham Unitarian Church baptisms of 1839-2000, has been despatched for binding.

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Mr Peter Walsh of 8 Dunderdale Ave, Nelson, BB9 0AR, writes, that he has in his possession a small autograph album about 6" by 5" and he would like to return it to it's rightful owners.

His mother must have given it to him many years ago, but he cannot remember when.  Equally it is a mystery how it came into the possession of his mother.  His mother added her contribution to the album as follows. "To Ivy Hannam, yours, Cora Stuttard N.S.S (Nelson Secondary School) 1921"

His mother was born in July 1909 and he suspects that Ivy was a school friend and in 1921 they would have been 12 years old.  What makes the album almost priceless is the information on the first page. "To Ivy Hannam from Reginald J Lang, London 1915, Ypres, 1915, Aubers Ridge, May 1915, Messines Ridge 1917"

If any member can assist Peter to return the album to the descendents of Ivy, it would be most appreciated. Thanks.

Mr Rex Watson of 29 Woodland Road, Sawston, Cambridge CB2 4DT, has in his possession, a copy of A Quaker Charity Document for Briercliffe and Great Marsden for 1843. 

During times of depression in N.E. Lancs, especially the Marsden area in the earlier part of the late 19th century, public poor relief was substantially augmented by the efforts of Ann Ecroyd of the Quaker family.  Assessment of need and of assistance given, is recorded in a series of notebooks at Manchester Central Library. 

The 1843 assessment notebook for Briercliffe, Great Marsden and Cop Row (just in Burnley Township) is in very good condition.  It covers about 66% of the population, generally the more needy.  Detail is very substantial, giving, though not all entries have full details, Head of Household, Residence, Employment, Name of Employee, Number in each family, Total weekly income, Parish weekly relief, Ages at each with his or her weekly earnings and number of beds.  Often this information is followed by some comment about the family's circumstances and material needs.  Other notebooks then give details of disbursements. 

This notebook was used by Rex Watson for his article in "Local Population Studies No 55, Autumn 1995".  If any member is interested in the document, Rex is quite happy to conduct the required research.  Please contact him at the above address.

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The library has been given two certificates for Joseph HIGSON, Cotton Weaver, of 16 Smith Street, Colne, who died on 20th January 1920 aged 62.  Please contact Margaret Heap, Society Branch Librarian (01282 865061) if you think they may belong to your family

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A local lady, who donated a box of memorial cards and ribbons, is interested in a Mr Charles SCHNEIDER.  His ribbon states that he was of 173 Skipton Road, Colne.  He died on 25th March 1922 in his 66th year and was buried in Colne Cemetery.  There is a pencil note "interned 1914" on the envelope containing the ribbon.  This gentleman was a German who was trading as a pork butcher in Market Street, Colne in 1898.  Apparently he was famous for his black puddings.  Does anyone know anything about him?  If you have any information, please contact Margaret Heap.

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The following extracts are from a local newspaper of 1988/9.

Story of Lars 

Lars Larsen was one of the men who put the giant flagstone outside the door of Colne Town Hall in Albert Road (The Town Hall was built in 1883/4).  The big Norwegian lad who laid the largest still intact paving stone in Lancashire came to England as a mariner.  He married in Liverpool, later settled in Colne, became a flaggers' labourer and was a member of the team that set the massive stone slab in place.  Although he died 66 years ago, he still has five grand-daughters living in this area and other grandchildren who have moved away from the area.  The flagstone was laid around the time the Town Hall was built, in the late 19th century.  It weighs around two tons, measures 10ft by 9ft and is 5ins thick.  Putting it in place was a very tricky job, but Lars was a big strong individual.  This week two of his grand-daughters, Mrs Brenda Hickey of Causey Foot, Nelson and Mrs Hilda Taylor of Lane House, Trawden, told us part of the Lars story. 

He was born near Oslo and his dad died when he was young.  Apparently, Lars did not get on with his new stepfather, so he went to sea and he came to this country.  He and his wife Emma Ann Robinson, married in 1879.  They had eight or more children.  The couple lived in Lidgett when they first came to Colne, but their home was in Rook Street when Lars died, aged 69, in 1923.  Both he and his wife are buried in Colne Cemetery.  The local living grand-daughters of Lars, are Mrs Hickey, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Margery Philip, Mrs Joyce Hayes and Mrs Dorothy Whitehead, who lives in Trawden. 

Following the initial story in the newspaper, another of his grand-daughters has come forward.  She is Mrs Iris Chilton of Bevan Place, Nelson.  She states that Lars' real name was Lewis Marinus Lawson.  The Larson changed to Lawson when he married in this country.  She says that she was two years old when her grandfather died and that she and her parents had lived with him and her grandmother in Rook Street, Colne.  Lewis's own father's name was in fact, Lar.

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The Curzon St Chapel was opened in 1834 with a membership of 62.  It soon became evident that larger premises were required and Bethel Chapel in Hammerton Street was built to replace it.  This chapel was opened on the 24th June 1852. 

Although the Curzon Street Chapel was opened in 1834, the records contain baptisms from 1818.  There were 364 baptisms recorded between the years 1835 & 1837, one baptism occurred in 1834, one was undated and a remaining eight were recorded between the years 1818 and 1833.  These eight baptisms were apparently performed in a different location. 

A large number of the baptisms were of children residing in the Trawden, Barrowford, Wheatley Lane and Marsden areas.

For example, there were 189 baptisms in Trawden, 58 in Marsden, and 41 in Barrowford.  The vicars were peripatetic and took their baptismal books on their excursions to the outlying villages and baptised the children en bloc.  In one day, the 29th June 1837 there were 160 baptisms in Trawden.  It is perhaps significant, that the 29th June was only two days before the introduction of Civil Registration on the 1st July.  For some reason, the parents or the clergy, had the impression that they must baptise the children before that date. 

The complete records have been inputted onto the Branch computer at Colne Library and will eventually be available in book form.

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Please submit any correspondence to the editor, Derek Mills, 23 Hall Park Ave., Cliviger, Burnley BB10 4JJ

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