Index & Frequency of Surnames

  .. over the years, the local transcriptions have allowed us to collect and record thousands of surnames; some with many variants.  In the tables linked below, the names found in each project have been collated and displayed in alphabetical order.  The burial register names are shown with their respective frequency of occurrence.  In the case of the MIs, however, this frequency is not shown - it would be meaningless since only a small percentage of burials have headstones.  

Type Title
Burials Burnley St.Peter, Burials 1690-1982
MIs Burnley St.Peter, Memorial Inscriptions (re-survey 2005)
Burials Earby (Wheatlands) Cemetery (formerly Yorks), Burials 1887-1960
MIs Earby (Wheatlands) Cemetery, Memorial Inscriptions (survey 2008)
Burials Habergham Eaves (Burnley) Holy Trinity, Burials 1837-1960
MIs Habergham Eaves (Burnley) Holy Trinity, Memorial Inscriptions (re-survey 2006)
Burials Little Marsden St.Paul, Burials 1813-2010
MIs Little Marsden St.Paul, Memorial Inscriptions (re-survey 2010)
Burials Burnley Cemetery, Burials 1856-2010
Grave Book/MIs Great Marsden St.John, Memorial Inscriptions, Receipt & Grave Books (survey 1995)