.. a collection of mementoes donated to the Family History Society, recording the deaths of family members, friends and relatives.  They are housed with the Society's Books in Colne Library and are available for reference by researchers

Forename Surname Address Year Age Service/Burial
Polly ["Starkie's Daughter"] Reedymoor  -  -  -
Margaret Jane ATKINSON Colne 1924 42 Wheatley Cemetery
Mary A ATKINSON (Miss) Colne 1919 49 Colne Cemetery
William Elliott Robinson BALDWIN (son of Alfred & Emma) [no address] 1910 20th year Great Marsden St.John
Edmund BARKER Farnhill 1910 17 Kildwick St.Andrew
John William BARKER Farnhill 1919 57 Kildwick Parish Church
Sarah Ellen BARKER (Mrs) [no address] 1945 no age Farnhill Methodist Chapel
Mabel BARTLE Colne 1940 63 Colne Cemetery
Sophia BINNS Colne 1939 75 Colne Cemetery
Isabella BINNS (Miss) Colne 1931 69 Colne Cemetery
Thomas BLADES [no address] 1868 29th year Stanhope Church Yard
Elizabeth BLADES (nee CRABTREE) Colne 1896 63rd year St.Mary-le-Gill
Sarah BRACEWELL (Mrs) Colne [1937] 79 Colne Cemetery
James CHAMLEY [late of Buckden] 1900 85th year Hubberholme Church
William Alfred CHEW [no address] 1909 23 Cowling United Methodist Church
Walter CLEGG [Nelson] 1902 42 Great Marsden St John
Alice CRABTREE Colne 1942 71 Colne Cemetery
Alice CRABTREE Colne 1942 71 Colne Cemetery
Ellen CRABTREE Colne 1933 67th year Colne Cemetery
Henry CRABTREE Wood End 1888 83rd year St Mary-le-Gill
John CRABTREE Colne 1901 born1841 Colne Cemetery
Mary Elizabeth CRABTREE Colne 1924 60th year Colne Cemetery
Nancy CRABTREE Colne 1906 born1841 Colne Cemetery
Caroline Marianne CROASDALE (Mrs) Colne [1940] 65 Foulridge St.Michael & All Angels
Annie Elizabeth DEARDEN (daughter of Wilkinson & Isabella) Nelson 1893 born1888 Great Marsden St.John
Janet DIXON Colne 1938 78 Colne Cemetery
Henry DODGSON Colne 1947 73 Colne Cemetery
Ada DRIVER (daughter of Isaac & Margaret, Keighley) Colne 1901 born 1869 Keighley Cemetery
Mary Hannah DRIVER (daughter of Isaac & Margaret, Keighley) Colne 1906 born 1849 Keighley Cemetery
Thomas FOULDS Colne 1900 born1822 Colne Cemetery
Elizabeth GILL Junction 1876 43 Kildwick Parish Church
Paulina GREEN Farnhill 1882 48th year Kildwick Parish Church
Susannah GREEN Leys House 1874 61 Kildwick Parish Church
Gertrude HALL (Mrs) Colne 1938 not given Colne Cemetery
Mary HANNAH Read near Blackburn 1917 57 Read St John
Emma HARGREAVES Nelson 1927 65 Great Marsden St.John
Thomas HARGREAVES Colne 1921 born1856 Colne Cemetery
Robert HARGREAVES (spouse Emma Hargreaves) Nelson 1927 76 Great Marsden St.John
Alice HARRISON Chorley 1938 78 Chorley Cemetery
Harold HARRISON [Chorley] 1937 47 Chorley Cemetery
Jack HARRISON [Chorley] 1907 1 month Chorley Cemetery
John Thomas HARRISON Chorley 1929 72nd year Chorley Cemetery
Newton HARRISON Chorley 1937 53 Chorley Cemetery
Alice HARRISON (relict of John Thomas Harrison) Chorley [1938] 78 Chorley Cemetery
Jane HEWLETT Colne 1913 72nd year Colne Cemetery
Elizabeth HILL Farnhill 1886 32nd year Kildwick Parish Church
Martha HILL Farnhill 1914 73 Kildwick St Andrew
Nellie HILL Farnhill 1893 born1892 Kildwick Parish Church
Priscilla HILL Kildwick 1889 27th year Kildwick Parish Church
Sarah HILL Farnhill 1892 35th year Kildwick Parish Church
Thomas HILL Kildwick 1889 58 Kildwick Parish Church
John HOLGATE Colne 1946 59 Colne Cemetery
Letter from "Eva" at 14 Mason Street Colne to "Lucy" (Mrs J HOLGATE)  -   -   - 
Thomas HORSFIELD Clitheroe 1896 60 New Burial Ground St.Mary
James Moreland HOYLE "Provender Merchant" (spouse Fanny Gladys Hoyle) Barnoldswick 1964 66 St.Mary-le-Gill Church
William HYDE Nelson 1919 63 Great Marsden St John
Harry ISHERWOOD [no address] 1959 no age  - 
Mary Ellen KNOWLES (relict of Edwin Knowles) Colne 1934 64th year Colne Cemetery
Ellen LANE Colne 1865 55th year Gill Church
Simpson LAYCOCK Nelson 1889 52nd year Great Marsden St John
Annie LOCKWOOD Sedgley Barton 1969 not given Barton St.Lawrence
William Arthur LOCKWOOD Sedgley Barton 1965 not given Barton St.Lawrence
Martha MATTOCK Bradley 1858 76 [not given]
Frances Alice METCALFE Barton 1956 72 Preston
Amy Ann MIDGLEY (Mrs) Colne 1938 83 Colne Cemetery
Albert MILLS [addressed to Mrs WETH, Colne] [postmark Rochdale] 1940  -   - 
Henry MOORHOUSE Colne 1931 79 Nelson Cemetery
John MOSLEY Farnhill 1882 64th year Kildwick Parish Church
Leonard MOSLEY Crosshills  -   -   - 
Margaret MOSLEY Farnhill 1907 67th year Kildwick St Andrew
Julia Frances PANE [no address] 1908 31 Ryecroft Cemetery Walsall
Winifred Mary PARKER Barnoldswick 1932 21st year St Mary-le-Gill
Mair PARRY Rochdale 1950  -   - 
Phoebe PEEL Burnley 1883 71 Gisburn Church
Rodger PEEL Burnley Wood 1881 47 Burnley Cemetery
Richard RILEY Colne [1938] 85 [not given]
Ann RILEY (wife of John Riley & mother of Ann Wright, nee Riley) Colne 1894 49 Colne Cemetery
Adelaide Lowe ROGERS Farnhill 1886 19th year Kildwick Parish Church
Clara RUSHWORTH Colne 1959 born1877 (no burial place)
Charles SCHNEIDER Colne 1922 66th year Colne Cemetery
Jane SHUTT Nelson 1927 88 Great Marsden St.John
Annie SIMPSON (wife of Richard) [no address] 1932 69 Preston Cemetery
John TAYLOR Nelson 1912 67 Wheatley Lane Chapel
Peter TILLOTSON Barnoldswick 1945 86 St.Mary-le-Gill
Sarah Anne TILLOTSON Farnhill 1878 5th year Kildwick Parish Church
Phebe Ann TURNER Burnley 1895 born1855 Great Marsden St John
Celia WALLBANK Barnoldswick 1940 52 Kelbrook St.Mary
Elizabeth WALLBANK Kelbrook 1929 87th year Kelbrook St.Mary
Levi WALMSLEY Bradley 1951 86 Bradley Cemetery
Sarah WALMSLEY Bradley 1950 84th year Bradley Cemetery
Elizabeth WETH Colne 1949 75 Colne Cemetery
Frederick John WETH Rochdale 1937 72nd year Colne Cemetery
Frederick John WETH Rochdale 1937 72nd year Colne Cemetery
Mrs WETR ["DIGGINS" in pencil] Rochdale [postmark Caernarvon]  -   - 
T E WILLIAMS (Mr) & Family Llanberis  -   -   - 
Ann WRIGHT (nee Riley, daughter of Ann wife of Harry Wright) Nelson 1929 55 Nelson Cemetery
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